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Geopathic Stress – the science and the art.

I recently came across a DVD of an amazing programme that gave an encouraging level of independent scientific backing for a topic that I have been pursuing for 20 years! During most of that time it seemed I was a lone voice calling for recognition of the adverse energy of geopathic stress and also for… Read more »

Newsletter 7 – January 2013

Welcome to Intelligent Energies in 2013 and as always a special welcome and thank you to those who have made themselves known since the December Newsletter. I have also added a few longstanding contacts I thought were already on the newsletter list – if you are one of those that is why the newsletter has… Read more »

Newsletter 6 – December 2013

A friend mentioned to me the other day that I had not put out a newsletter for a while – something I find myself having to apologise for again; time goes so quickly but my New Year’s resolution is to organise my time better. Just being busy is not an excuse – well it is but not… Read more »