Newsletter 3 – Higgs Boson

News that scientists are claiming to have identified the Higgs Boson – also known as the God particle – is not only a major advance for science, it means a lot more to the rest of us than you might imagine. Put simply, the presence of a particle that is interactive within an energy field (or fields) across the universe helps confirm everything I say about the existence and impact of Intelligent Energies.

The downside is that science will not be pleased to hear this. Pretty soon I expect to be reading that, despite its nickname, we should not believe the particle proves or implies anything mystical anywhere in the universe. The problem for those who actually believe that, however, is twofold:

  • it is not the particle itself that backs up what people such as I have to say – it is the recognition that interactive energy fields helped build the universe
  • the fact that healing (as just one example) is conspicuously effective through interactive energies will not go away

It would save science decades (and billions of pounds/dollars) if scientists also started to look at the other end of the line – that is to recognise the presence of healing energies and compare that back to their knowledge of particle physics; this would do mankind and the planet a much greater service all round!

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The Higgs Boson: it means more to you than you think!

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Science, religion and the ‘alternative’ perspectives cover all the rules of our universe separately; now is the time to bring them together. To do that will take a lot of time and different initiatives and I will need a lot of help – it will definitely need the power of the internet! I am hoping most of all to introduce my revelations to people from all points of view: sceptics, challengers, ‘debunkers’ as well as those already familiar with a whole range of related matters that are considered to be outside of science.

Jeff Jeffries

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