Newsletter 2 – Interactive Energies

I am committed to spreading the word about those issues which are not yet readily accepted as vital aspects of the universe and our lives on this planet.  Not to know about Geopathic Stress for example is the 21st century equivalent of knowing nothing about the need for hygiene in keeping disease and infection at bay.  It is a threat that we should all have the chance to understand and avoid; passing on what I know about it is one of my first priorities.

Read up about the topic on my site, and (amongst many, many other revelations) in my book: ’It’s a Whole New World!’  It’s also just as important for you to be doing what I have been doing for twenty years – letting others know as well.

Latest Blog – 27th June 2012

Why Interactive Energies Make All The Difference

Interactive energies have played and continue to play a key role in every aspect of the universe as well as in our daily lives. It is easy to prove the existence of these fields which I began to call Intelligent Energies because – against all expectations – that is exactly what they are!

It’s a Whole New World!
Science, religion and the so-called ‘alternative’ perspectives each address our universe differently and each one, taken on its own, is incomplete. Now is the time to bring all the thinking together – the challenge I have taken on and the inspiration behind my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’

My experiences as a healer showed me how those three conflicting perspectives actually do fit together and how easily they complement each other. Whatever anyone’s present beliefs, the reality of healing and the mechanisms involved prove the simple threads that connect everything. Sceptics, challengers, ‘debunkers’ and even those already familiar with healing and related gifts will find there is much more to this world than ever they realised.

Jeff Jeffries

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