Newsletter 1 – Live And Celebrating

Judging by the number of times I have been asked in recent weeks (if not months!) the most important ‘News’ is that yes my book is in print and yes my website is now live; up and running and open for business!

We have celebrated the launch of both ventures, which have been a long time in gestation, covering decades as a healer and dowser, about 8 years as an author and two years in planning design and delivery! I’m not sure where all that time went – and the one thing I have already discovered is that a new website demands a lot of attention, at least it does if you want it to be the best you can make it, as I do. The fine-tuning goes on and I have not yet begun to get properly involved in Twitter and Facebook.

We are arousing interest already which is good – almost immediately I was invited to have my book represented at the 2012 National Conference of the American Association of Dowsers. It was a bit of a rush but we did manage to do that and I give thanks to my new American friends and wish everyone a successful event.

As the preparation and launch stage ends of course another begins. I realise I am taking on a huge task in bringing attention not only to the truths I have learned as a healer and dowser but also to the implications for all of us that there really is an interactive force that make those abilities possible.

Latest Blogs

“Fifty per cent of people believe there is something bigger at work in the universe which science should be able to understand but so far cannot”.
I began to argue in favour of that statistic in my first Blog posted when I launched the site:

What we know – about the ‘Unknown’!  Part one- who knows best?

Check it out online if you missed it – I have also just posted Part two:

Part Two: 10 things most people don’t know about ‘healing hands’

I hope you enjoy reading both parts – let me know what you think
Jeff Jeffries

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