Newsletter 4 – Bringing in Scientists?

First, a warm welcome to those who have signed up to Intelligent Energies since my last newsletter; if you have not done so already please check out my previous blogs.

My aim is to draw attention to the reality of interactive energies which support each of us as individuals as well as the entire universe. That is not a groundless assertion or a matter of ‘faith’ or opinion; it is borne out by hard evidence and proof.

It is fully established in my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ My editor in its initial draft is the one who first described it as ‘fascinating and entertaining’ and ‘like after dinner conversation’. It is a book about people and events; experiences which as soon as you add them together show how we can change our lives. Along the way it also shows where sceptics and even eminent scientists are working with gaps in their knowledge.

A book for everyone!

My blogs so far have introduced some of the arguments in favour of the role played by Intelligent Energies and ways in which they fill in some of the gaps in our general knowledge of how things work.

A good example of this is a Medical Professor on the news a week or so ago announcing that it had been realised that people who had suffered traumas often developed heart problems in later life but it was not known why.

In fact the answer is to be found in the body energies I talk about as a healer and  which not only help organise our bodies but are used in most if not all complementary therapies. These include acupuncture, reflexology, homeopathy and my form of ‘hands on’ healing as well as many other techniques

If a trauma hits, it will have a direct adverse effect on these body energies – almost certainly through the heart energy centre. The impact  will be every bit as real as the physical and mental scars that traumas are known to bring. As a result of traumas, blockages can form in the body energy system making it less able to do its job properly; in some cases the long term impact of less efficient heart energies would be on the physical heart. That’s why we all need to understand about the energies that affect our lives.

New Blog

As I have said more than once, I am not a scientist and have little knowledge of any scientific subject; however science leads the way our world thinks and, generally, dismisses the things I know to be true. As Bill Bryson said (see my home page) to gain most credibility science has to be brought into my thinking – unfortunate but true!

My new blog – Part One out now – takes a new slant that makes a connection between Intelligent Energies and science.

Read the blog: What is the point of ’worshipping’ sub-atomic particles?

Jeff Jeffries

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