Newsletter 10 – April

Welcome to our latest Newsletter and a special welcome to those who have joined in since the last one.

My work with geopathic stress continues to be the area in which I am most active at present with treatments being sent all over the world. Including the British Isles I have now sent treatments to 16 individual countries – Greece being the latest.

For the interactive energies to be capable of having a physical impact instantly over distances ranging from within the UK to thousands of miles across the planet is something I have become familiar with over the years but also something I never take for granted. It is an amazing business and I know how privileged I am to have been allowed to develop the means to carry it out – all thanks to my being sufficiently ‘wired up’ to make my own connections with ‘Intelligent Energies’.It has found me clients right around the world – many of whom have triggered additional clearances on behalf of their family and friends as they recognise the difference that being free of geopathic stress brings.

This has now become such a pattern that I am about to launch a new service. I will be offering anyone the opportunity to give their friends and loved ones the benefit of having their house cleared of geopathic stress either as a gift for any occasion – or simply to pass on the joy of an energy-rich home. The service will include a special certificate carrying a personal message from the sender.
Those who know about geopathic stress will be able to help others without having to explain or convince them about the intricacies of the problem – just send them your love and give their home positive energies as a unique and valuable gift at any time!

It will be available world-wide but launched through the occasion of the Convention of The American Society of Dowsers in June. My website will carry the details soon.

My blog this month is about geopathic stress – not so much the detail of what it all means, that is spelled out on my website and included in my book ’It’s a Whole New World!’; this is more about the strands that come to light when you realise for certain we can all be subject to an unwelcome influence that changes everything.

Please forward my newsletter to anyone who might be interested; thank you.

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