Newsletter 6 – December 2013

A friend mentioned to me the other day that I had not put out a newsletter for a while – something I find myself having to apologise for again; time goes so quickly but my New Year’s resolution is to organise my time better. Just being busy is not an excuse – well it is but not a good enough reason!

I am pleased to say that in being busy I have been particularly active in clearing geopathic stress in the past few months; as you will know this something I am really keen to do – not only to clear stress but also to generate much greater awareness. I expand on it in my blog this month which includes quite a detailed testimony from someone who was having huge problems caused by this particular form of adverse energy.

One of the most telling remarks he made to me was to the effect that asking me to deal with it was something of a leap of faith on his part – but a leap which, in the event, he was so glad he took! He was one of the first to contact me in order to discuss the issue with me personally before placing an order. This is something that is now happening more and more, either by email or by phone, and I am very happy to oblige for everyone who wishes to do the same.

Talking of expansions I now putting my effort into launching my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ and am hoping it will attract attention on an even wider scale next year. Those who have bought it already have been very supportive in their comments and I am grateful for their encouragement – the word ’fascinating’ is the one most often used to describe it, something I find particularly pleasing.

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