Newsletter 7 – January 2013

Welcome to Intelligent Energies in 2013 and as always a special welcome and thank you to those who have made themselves known since the December Newsletter. I have also added a few longstanding contacts I thought were already on the newsletter list – if you are one of those that is why the newsletter has started to arrive – hope you like it.  Don’t forget everyone can take a look at past newsletters and more importantly past blogs, which you can easily find on my website.

Christmas was a quiet time for clearing geopathic stress; understandably people have other more pressing matters to think about. For the most part that gave me the chance for some time-off but also some time to do a bit more research and take a broader view of the things I am trying to achieve. Of course that will be an ongoing process but I am glad I had the opportunity to make a start even if I have no idea where it will lead!

The most immediate outcomes however have been a couple of opportunities to look more closely at the healing-energy cards I started many years ago and which I want to develop more widely now that I have the platform of the website and social media to use.

So far as social media is concerned I have to admit the opportunity is more in principle than in practice so far – despite my best intentions – but my Christmas break has at least triggered the desire to get involved on Twitter for real sooner rather than later.

Quite how that will happen is not clear and if anyone wants to tell me how it should – feel free!

The other outcome from the downtime was that I was inspired to recognise a particularly interesting theme for my blog – titled ‘Second Hand Energies’ – see what you think and let me know.

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