Newsletter 8 – February

So, for now at least, my New Year’s resolution is still intact and the February Newsletter is out on time – though not without incident! My super hub modem blew up to leave me with no internet connection to my own website and emails for a few days until they got a new one to me. The blue flash and bangs that went with the event were entertaining but not worth the inconvenience!

I knew the replacement modem would arrive geared up for wireless but I prefer working through connections via the main power cables running through the office, so teaching the hub to fit in would cause more delays!

Nonetheless, welcome to Intelligent Energies Newsletter and a special welcome to all who have joined in since our January one; the family is growing! I have now added Egypt and Australia to the countries in which I have had a remote presence in dowsing, healing, clearing geopathic stress and, most importantly, spreading awareness through the website and especially through my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’

I am finding more and more people asking me online about my clearance of geopathic stress before they order and also coming back with good feedback which is as helpful to me as it is to others who see it online. Although I am still keeping very busy I do handle all the contacts personally and am always pleased to offer advice and to receive comments; please feel free to keep in touch.

I had some great feedback from a recent client, Debbie, who told me, one hour after clearance, that:

“Well, I’m agog! The whole energy in the flat feels a lot more comfortable and what I can only describe as lighter”. I have a peace lily in the corner and it has gone from being droopy to very much alive.” and then three days later:

“My flat remains very comfortable. I have had almost uninterrupted sleep and I have not had a sense of “unease” which would keep me awake for hours. Once again, thank you. I am very grateful to you.”

I am grateful to you too Debbie – thanks!

To everyone – feel free to forward this email with my details to anyone you think may benefit and don’t forget to check out Part Two of my blog about ‘Second Hand Energies’ online now.

Jeff Jeffries

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