Newsletter 9 – March

The March Newsletter is here; my New Year’s resolution remains intact – and I won’t mention that again! Thanks again to those who have joined since last time and to an amazing number of people across the world who have joined in via Facebook.

It seems all the time I have been saying I intended to get involved with Facebook I was actually there all the time! We set it up when we began the website but although I knew we referred to it on the homepage I thought that was more of an advert of something to come  rather than something underway. Turns out when I began to explore it I had about three hundred ‘likes’ – a couple of months later we are up to 650!

The good thing about that is the encouragement I gain from those who are willing and able to endorse the reality of Intelligent Energies as a power on which everyone can call; it’s not a philosophy it’s not even a theory – as I show in my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ it’s the only explanation that fits the work I do as a healer, dowser and now practitioner to deal remotely with geopathic stress. If you have not done so for a while take a look at some of the acknowledgements on my web page – lovely people saying lovely things about a topic that too few even know about.

This month’s blog is about those occasions when the things that people say inadvertently underline the reality of the ‘Whole New World’ at the heart of my work Check out ‘Three Brains or One?’

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