Newsletter 5 – October 2012

Welcome to my October Newsletter – with a special welcome to all those who have signed up since my last one.

The last few weeks have shown me how awareness of geopathic stress and of electronic stress has been growing – I barely mentioned electrostress in my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ except to forecast that we would all become much more conscious of the effects before long – that is certainly happening and quicker than I thought! I am working on possible means to help block and / or release electrostress much as I learned to neutralise geopathic stress but it is early days for now.

People are also taking to my concept of Intelligent Energies and many are asking for details before they order my services; many are also happy to keep me posted afterwards. I welcome this and although the business is growing – I have now been active with remote treatments in 9 countries – I am still able to keep in touch personally with everyone who communicates. Some of those I have been able to help have come back to buy more copies of the book for friends or relatives or have asked me to clear more properties of geopathic stress. Word is spreading – thank you!

Clearing geopathic stress is a high priority for me and I can almost always respond to all approaches within 24 hours; if they come in during UK daytime it is usually within four to six hours, sometimes less.


In my new blog posted today I follow up with Part Two of the article I put out previously which essentially draws connections between the Intelligent Energies I am familiar with and the age-old beliefs in a universal ‘God’; something I address fully in the book. I had intended to release Part Two of the blog immediately after Part One but it didn’t work out – so I rewrote it and here it is. The rewrite is an improvement on the original so probably the Intelligent Energies intervened to delay me – see what you think anyway!

Read What is the point of ’worshipping’ sub-atomic particles? Part Two

As usual, please pass on the Newsletter and draw attention to my blogs to anyone you think might benefit. Past blogs are available on the website: and so are past Newsletters

Jeff Jeffries

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