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Geopathic Stress and Earth Fatigue both cleared remotely, anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

Commissions include United Nations Buildings and Trump Tower as well as hospitals and all types of domestic houses, apartments and business premises.

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The most affordable and accessible way to clear both influences; we reverse them remotely and permanently without expensive devices!

…directly from the UK to anywhere in the world as naturally as it occurs!

Geopathic Stress and Earth fatigue happen when adverse energies interact; the most effective way to deal with them is to use the same energies in reverse!

Friendly and efficient, international practitioner, world leader and author Jeff Jeffries, has been reversing incompatible energies for over 20 years.

New Book Out Now!

Written for the interested layperson, Jeff Jeffries’ book connects science, spirituality and ancient mysticism as one perspective everyone can understand.

  • Science includes all living nature.
  • Spirituality includes but is not limited to religion.
  • Mysticism includes all healings and controversial, mysterious events and experiences.

‘The Intelligent Universe Revealed’ pieces everything together as the most important breakthrough since Darwin’s discoveries.

Available in both paperback and Amazon Kindle on Amazon UK and Amazon USA

Recommended in the Sunday Telegraph

Jeff’s work also featured in the December 2014 issue of Kindred Spirit

Client Testimonial

Thank you *so* much for this – I do feel the difference. My body is feeling signals that I’m back “home” that I haven’t felt in months.

1) I walk into my room and it feels like “home”.
2) Since your clearances, my emotional blocks have been moving and releasing.
3) Most of all, I’ve noticed my shoulders, which have been rock stiff ever since moving back to Cambridgeshire, have loosened up for the first time and continue to relax.

I wish the council could pay you to clear the whole of Cambridge!!!

Thank you so, so, much.

M B Cambridgeshire

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Client Testimonial

I have a holistic Health Clinic for the past 36 years. I picked up a high level of geopathic stress on a child. The change in the child after the clearance is phenomenal already. Can I refer clients to you for clearance?

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Jeff Jeffries  was invited on to USA’s One Radio Network to be interviewed on the Patrick Timpone show to a world-wide audience.

Patrick called Jeff “a cool guy” and afterwards asked him to clear Patrick’s own house of geopathic stress!

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Geopathic Stress has been demonstrated on TV

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see for yourself!


What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is the label given to the effects that can happen to people – and animals – who work live or sleep above harmful underground magnetic fields.Underground earth rays distorted by other weak magnetic forces disturb our body energy fields and can cause major or minor health issues. Our health and wellbeing will be adversely affected if our home, office, etc is located at any height at all above these harmful rays.

How can you clear Geopathic Stress remotely?

As my book and website explain we all have body-energy fields which actively co-ordinate our minds and bodies – hence the expression ‘mind body and spirit’. The earth and the universe also have their own energy fields which can interact with our personal body energies. Sometimes this is helpful to us but other times it causes problems – geopathic stress energy causes big problems when it interacts with us!

Without such interactive energies geopathic stress would not be able to affect us but by the same token it is possible to use energy connections to deal with energy problems as healers, dowsers or in other ways which defy current scientific opinion.

I use my abilities as an energy worker to clear geopathic stress anywhere in the world remotely from the UK. My method acts on the stress to restore the distorted energy back to its natural harmless state. As soon as the geopathic stress has been formed it is permanently neutralised below ground and can no longer affect us.

So far as interactive energies are concerned – as with gravity and radio waves – distance is no object and they work regardless of personal beliefs!

For over twenty years I have cleared geopathic stress remotely and successfully in 53 countries:

Scotland, Germany, Egypt, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Australia, UAE, England, Wales, Namibia, Poland, Switzerland, India, The Netherlands, Iceland, Israel, Mauritius, Denmark, Japan, Peru, Channel Islands, Macedonia, Russia, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil, Zambia,Kenya,Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobego, Pakistan, Barbados, Slovenia, Nigeria, Nairobi, Thailand, Argentina, Croatia, Costa Rica, Bulgaria


Case study

Many clients recommend me or order clearances for their friends and family. One London client sent this with her 8th order for different addresses.

“Jeff, Thank you again. We were all a bit tired here last night and today but it’s a healing tiredness and all is good My little dog only wants to lie on her back with her paws in the air snoring. She won’t be chasing any squirrels today!

Three days later she wrote

My family have benefitted so much from the clearings. My triplet daughters who are sitting their A Levels this coming summer say they are finding it so easy to study and concentrate; they are awake in the morning, not wandering round half asleep.

We’ve got our clarity of mind back. My husband has a stressful demanding job but it’s as if someone has given him a happy pill that just keeps giving; my son at university seems to have found an endless supply of energy and my dog’s like a puppy. We also look better like a burden has been lifted and it has.

Thank you so much for this new lease of life.”

G. London

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jeff-casualJeff Jeffries career has been spent in management, including Chief Executive Officer, Company Director and Consultancy roles. He was also a co-founder and Trustee of a Charity to help young adults with disabilities bridge the gap from supported learning into supported employment and further personal development.

He went on to become a powerful and successful healer with the added ability to tackle the adverse and damaging energy of geopathic stress. Jeff made the connection that geopathic stress, its effects and the way to deal with it remotely are all bound up with natural interactive energy fields. Jeff knows from first-hand experience what geopathic stress can do and exactly how to deal with it.

From Bill Bryson to Jeff 

International author Bill Bryson took the trouble to send me a hand-written note ing my efforts to draw on science in making the 21st Century link between scientific, religious and ‘alternative’ themes. In the matter of bringing this about he did admit…..‘I don’t think I am qualified to help you. You need serious scientific support to have credibility and I can’t supply that, but good luck’.

<> Bill Bryson is right of course; that’s the size of the task – scientists can’t see that the scientific model is incomplete, yet we have to get them to upgrade it!</>

From Professor Rupert Sheldrake to Jeff

One scientist who is already on board is Cambridge and International figure Professor Rupert Sheldrake. His book ‘The Science Delusion’ refers to the failure of mainstream science to see and measure issues outside their routine model. I was grateful when he emailed me to say that I was ‘clearly doing important work’ and wishing me well with my efforts.

<>Professor Rupert Sheldrake writes about ‘Morphic Fields’ while I write about ‘Intelligent Energies’ – maybe there is hope for science after all!</>