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Earth Fatigue – a planet in need

The Earth and its energies are vital to our health. It grows the crops we need, brings us nutrients, creates oxygen and provides natural remedies. Through its own energies – including the Schumann resonance known to science – it directly boosts our body energies to help keep us well. We can access Earth and universal energies through techniques such as Yoga and healing, but the planet is now struggling to keep us well.

What is Earth Fatigue?

The distorted magnetic influence of Geopathic stress is already known to have ill-effects on our health. However, since 2016 I have been researching and treating another different form of adverse Earth energy I have come to know as Earth fatigue. This influence is, for practical purposes, a variant of geopathic stress. Equally debilitating but different in its nature and arising from a different source. It therefore required a different additional clearance treatment.

I believe Earth fatigue occurs when the Earth’s own natural energy system has been compromised and weakened. I can now restore those Earth fatigue energies back to their natural, healthier state for all the properties I treat.

How Was Earth Fatigue discovered?

Debbie Fox, a Feng Shui practitioner based in South Africa found three new earth lines affecting her house that were not geopathic stress lines. I investigated the problem over some weeks, dowsing for inspiration about how to understand and handle this new intrusion I named Earth fatigue.

Eventually I found a modified version of my treatment for geopathic stress solved Debbie’s problem. I also realised the term Earth fatigue was both an understanding of the real issue  and part of reaching a remedy.

What is causing Earth Fatigue?

At present, the Earth is suffering more than ever, its energies are struggling to cope. I believe the underlying cause to be that of planetary negativity brought on by environmental damage and negative energies arising from: pollution, neglect and world traumas. It has huge consequences affecting humans, animals, plants and  trees. Hence the term ‘Earth fatigue’.

Universal Intelligent Energies co-operate and allow all energy work. They led me to understand the nature of this second problem energy and revealed a new extra treatment. A separate process, showed its worth by bringing that small but significant area in South Africa back into a state of wellbeing after it was applied.

Mango and litchi trees which grew close to the former stress lines had not fruited for four to five years but following my treatment were all suddenly thriving – much to the delight of the monkeys!

Help yourself – help save the planet

Earth Fatigue does not only interfere with the growth and wellbeing of trees; humans are subject to the same harmful effects. The Earth is suffering and in a weakened state from all manner of influences over the centuries and particularly in recent decades. It is now vitally important to refresh the planet’s depleted energies.

Dealing with the effect of earth fatigue at your address is the first step. It will help people and Mother Earth immediately. Appreciating the damage modern life imposes on the planet is the next step. Humans must reduce our impact on the environment and respect the planet and its wildlife. We must wake up to the signs. Halt deforestation, return to natural sustainable farming and encourage green initiatives. To restore positive energies further, we must give all the support we can to local and worldwide efforts to tend the planet’s needs before it really is too late.

“The future is in our hands”