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Intelligent Energies Ltd

Our company is now developing a range of new, 21st Century, techniques to improve health and well-being. Not only is our understanding highly successful in its own right but it also opens the way for modern science to connect with ancient knowledge and complementary medicine.

More importantly what we have to say shows how all individuals can find their own connections and make their own choices. You owe it to yourself to look into new possibilities with an open mind. Everything is explained in Jeff Jeffries book “It’s a Whole New World!” – a fascinating easy to read account of Jeff’s work and the ways in which everyone can change their lives.

“Once I proved that healing energies were responsible for the effects that defy the familiar scientific model I wanted to explore what it all meant. To do so properly I needed to create a new understanding; one that came with no preconceptions.
My new concept of Intelligent Energies gives us all a fresh start and a new chance to consider its meaning without the prejudices that otherwise lock us into our familiar belief systems. Intelligent Energies is an accurate and more realistic way of defining the origin of some of the mysteries of life than many of the more familiar labels”.

Jeff Jeffries

Member of The British Society of Dowsers and of The American Society of Dowsers

Jeff Jeffries is a management consultant, a former Chief Executive engaged largely in the public sector and founder of Intelligent Energies Ltd. His career success depended on his ‘down-to-earth’ practical approach based on common sense and measured results – quite a challenge for him then when he found he had powerful ‘healing hands’!

Importantly he realised the mechanism that makes such healings possible must have been a physical part of the universe from its very beginning. It means that science still does not have the full story about life or the universe!

Since then his own achievement has been to unravel that full story with no particular loyalties to science, religion or the cause of mysticism – the three perspectives that humankind has recognised throughout the ages. Instead, he proves how each of those three perspectives unexpectedly holds part of the amazing 21st Century truth.

“To reach my understanding has taken more than 20 years of my life but the journey is entertaining and the outcome plain and simple. I reveal all in my book ‘<>It’s a Whole New World!’</> – this is how I felt when the discoveries kept on coming and when you read it you will feel the same! Above all, I want people to know what I have learned so they can make decisions for themselves. I am particularly anxious for everyone to be fully aware of the problems of <>geopathic stress</>

Jeff Jeffries

The Aims

Jeff Jeffries set up Intelligent Energies Ltd as a company that would reflect the three specific aims to which he has been committed during his twenty years as a healer.

<>They are:</>

To pass on the experiences and understanding he has gathered over those years so that everyone has the opportunity to recognise a ‘whole new world’ for themselves. We are determined to make genuine complementary techniques – and all that they imply – easily understood and respectable; we will co-operate with all those who are genuinely interested in learning more and will do our best to respond to anything we see as prejudice, misunderstanding or misinformation about the world we know.

“As a healer I am privileged to know that what I do is genuine and has huge implications for everyone – I am determined to pass those privileges on to anyone who wishes to have the same chances I had to struggle to find”.

Jeff Jeffries

To develop our services that can change lives for the better and to make them available as widely and as economically as possible. The reality of Intelligent Energies explains most, if not all, genuine events and experiences that are currently beyond science but no longer beyond explanation. From Angel experiences to Yoga, from Darwin to sub-atomic particles, interactive energies take us all into a new dimension – ‘A Whole New World!’

“My efforts to understand how and why I could heal people were never going to be the end of the story – they just opened up new techniques that are now proving themselves; more will follow”.

Jeff Jeffries

The vital task now is to bridge the gaps that exist between the perspectives generally held by scientists, psychics and religious believers. These three very different ways of looking at the same world should not be at odds – each holds an equally valid part of the truth.

Now that holistic healing is widely accepted we must turn our attention to is ‘holistic thinking’! We need a new combined understanding – it is time to recognise ‘A Whole New World!’

“The new world that opened to me is easy to make sense of; the only y is to know why it has taken so long to bring it all up to date as a modern reality that explains everything”.

Jeff Jeffries

The Promise

“In order to benefit all those who are interested, or who may be helped, I am committed to spreading the understanding that I have gained in various fields through more than 20 years experience. Everything I have said on this website and throughout my book is genuine and completely true. The only reason I have to stress this is that the fields that I have been exploring for so long continue to remain outside the standard scientific model – even though they prove themselves in practice time after time”.

To quote Einstein again:

‘The only source of knowledge is experience’

Jeff Jeffries

Pictured above: In May 2012, Jeff Jeffries formally launched Intelligent Energies Ltd as a Company and a Website to promote his work to a world-wide audience.