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Satisfied Clients’ Comments

SW Dublin

Just wanted to let you know that today, I have very little muscle / joint pain.  Amazed at how I feel.  I also slept much better and only woke once during the night whereas I have been waking several times and the stiffness I was feeling when getting out of bed, is nothing like it has been. [ later  – ‘things still improving’]

Thank you so much,

RM North Carolina

You are amazing!! And your gift is amazing!! Still can’t thank you enough for the clearings you have done already for J and myself.  The impact it has had on all of us my family and her… its just remarkable….unbelievable… magical…not enough words to truly describe the depths of positivity it had given all of us.

LT Johannesburg

Thank you so much for doing the clearing so quickly Jeff, much appreciated. Today has been a very happy day – as I speak all our kids are all getting ready for bed, humming away and singing to themselves.

EHG Northampton

Yes I definitely felt it, I came downstairs and asked my daughter if she felt different, she said she felt calm. I told her I no longer feel the energy vibrating in my body it was such a calming feeling not to feel it. I’m very sensitive to energies around me, and to feel calm is the best feeling.  For the first time in 16+ years I feel comfortable in my own home.


I have noticed a big difference since I have been in this afternoon. I was sat reading and felt like a sugar rush/ buzzing with energy, like my chakras had been opened. Wow, hope it stays like this. I didn’t expect it to have such a positive effect on me.

HV Market Harborough

You have cleared quite a number of addresses that I gave to you. With best wishes.

G and LC Missouri

G and I would like to thank you for removing the geopathic stress from our home. We noticed the first day that things felt lighter and that a lot of our aches and pains appeared to lessen. Thanks Again Jeff !

RK Ontario

Thank you for clearing my property. I am an inventor, energy healer as well and work on people and animals.  I was not able to clear my own property and really appreciate your work in this regard.   Thank you very much for helping me.

RC Ayreshire

You’ve cleared several houses for us before  So would love you to do your usual magic!

JF Durban SA

There have been different energy changes here, all for the better which I can feel.The geopathic energy shift is very strong and was much needed.

RDS Kanataka India

I am very, very happy to see your result. It’s a great fantastic work done by you. Thank you very much sir.


Once again, thanks for your amazing work. The energy of the home changed for the better and the health of one of my sisters improved, too.

Sue from South Yorkshire, June 2019

An enormous Yukka cactus around five foot high.. had never flowered before and yet produced an enormous flower for the first time. The plant is over 10 years old!! A climbing Clematis close to the back of the cottage is very abundant with the comment, ” more flowers than ever before “- .according to my neighbour -.and this is an extremely old plant. A raised bed at the rear of the house was totally empty with just a sand and soil mixture placed there by the man who renovated the cottage. Every plant put into this ground is thriving. My friend who donated a Buddlea plant was openly shocked at the size the plant had achieved in two years – around six foot high and five foot wide with beautiful blossoms and it has particularly increased in size since the clearance you did in January 2019. Her other comment was ” How have you done this ? ” This friend who lives close by has also received the benefit of your work in 2019 and is delighted to pass on to you the delight she also has with her garden. I am in fact, currently and constantly cutting back plants at a time when I should not prune..but everything still grows !!

Jeanine from Connecticut USA, selling house

I actually got two offers that are being negotiated literally two days after you cleared my house!  I cannot thank you enough!  I have referred everyone to your website!

L D  London

“Tension and pressure randomly affected me until your session. So I wanted to share that with you in enormous gratitude that such a simple issue can have such big effect! Thank you for being you and providing such a good service at such an affordable rate. I hope many more people get to work with you.”


Blandford Forum, Dorset

My husband commented around the time you healed the house on Saturday morning how clear and bright it was looking – without knowing it was done.

I’ve had so much energy and have gotten so much done which feels great.

The house feels lovely so much so that we were meant to go out today but have stayed in instead
and my ultra-sensitive daughter is in a much calmer state of mind

I cannot thank you enough it’s the best investment one can ever make – if I was Prime Minister I would make it the law to have this done – think how many problems it would solve.”

From Dr T re two patients

1 The R——-s (family)

“The family are delighted with the improvement. So am I as they were always coming to see me, as they could not avoid the geopathic stress line that ran straight through the centre of their house. They are far healthier.”

2 The G—- B—– (family)

“I saw them last week & they were delighted with your work. Both are sleeping well so were very grateful & relieved that your work was so successful; they were amazed that all was well!!”


Bristol Client

“I just wanted to let you know that we are all sleeping better now – I am sleeping like a log and so are the children – even my son who has always struggled with sleeping and has suffered from depression. Also, I have noticed, remarkably that the few houseplants I have are thriving! It is noticeable from before. If my orchids come back then it will truly be a miracle. I am enjoying your book too so thanks again!”


Southam Client

“I have found that I am finding it easier to sleep now. also the place seems lifted in some way, me and my partner have noticed this also my back pain is not so bad now. We thank you very much for this!”


Repeat Client on behalf of parents

“We have just returned from parents house which you recently cleared and I felt the difference immediately. It feels light and airy. My mum in particular has responded well – I noticed how much better she seemed in her overall self. My dad has more energy too. Once again I must thank you for your help.”


Isleworth Client

“It seems your treatment to my property has worked.   I feel a lot calmer and also find the difference in the atmosphere in the house – peaceful. This morning my son said that he feels some energies. I have not mentioned anything about this treatment and I was shocked when he said this.   I have been going through all these years with so much painful atmosphere”.


New South Wales Australia Client

“When I was back in New York I was very pleased that the energy had changed quite dramatically as the heaviness in the unit had lifted off. The second grandson (1 in Dec.) sleeps for 10 hours each night and the first grandson (3 in Dec) does not toss around in bed so much now. Thanks once again for your help”.


Melbourne Client

“We are starting to feel a lot better after the clearing of our house. We have since also been given a bit more knowledge on our house which confirmed that your clearing has helped a lot with our situation. We also know ourselves it has helped us a lot with our health etc”.


Dublin Client

“Reading the signs of GS on your website, we could identify with all of them.

It was the first night my daughter (2.5) slept through. She never had sleeping issues in our last house.

My mum (its her house) slept through, not something she would do, and said her room feels different today.

My son is teething. Despite that, I feel better than I would have after a full night’s sleep; this is a great start! Many thanks!”


Berwickshire Client

“I thought I would let you know, although being sceptical about all this, there is a definite “lift” in the house. There had always been a negative, closing in feeling in this house and had become unbearable. Everyone in the house felt totally lifted when away from it and then at each others throats on return. About a week on from your treatment, the house feels “lighter” and harmony has returned in the family. I thank you for whatever you have done. Should also add that I have battled with depression for most of my life, tablets not helped and had a mental breakdown last year, this past week I feel on top of the world……. thanks a million Jeff…… IM A BELIEVER!”


Accrington Client … a keen runner who had struggled in recent years with breathing ies that could not be diagnosed or cured.

11 June 2013 (day the house was cleared) ” The main difference with the house is that it feels calm – for want of a better phrase, less hostile – does that make sense”?

12 June 2013 “First run since you had cleared the house and what a difference – same run as last Weds yet nearly 18 minutes quicker and conditions were worse!! (wet, muddy and windy – last Weds was warm and sunny”)

18 Oct 2013 “I’m still feeling good – did a 19 mile fell event on the 21st Sept and knocked nearly half an hour off last year’s time – wonderful day”!!


Hertfordshire Client

“2 days after clearing both my daughter and myself have slept so much better. I awake feeling so much more refreshed. I must be honest I am from a science background and was intrigued by the geopathic stress video. I don’t know how you do it scientifically but I do know that I’m totally convinced”.


Bournemouth Client

“I have definitely got more energy, as I played 18 holes of golf two days running and it didn’t take me any time to recover. Normally in the winter months I wouldn’t play two days on a trot”.


Blackrock Ireland Client

”Just to say that I don’t know what it is you have done and it is obviously not for me to know but I really did have a great night’s sleep last night. There has been a marked improvement and that ‘buzzing nervous’ feeling has appeared to have quietened down. So thank you very much. I will take pleasure in telling people about the change that I have been fortunate enough to experience”.


Newcastle Client

Thank you again for your help, we certainly noticed an immediate difference after you treated the house – our bedroom had a different and more feel to it almost immediately; the main difference and benefit however has been the lack of constant tiredness, stress and avoiding constant illness.


Leamington Spa Client

“Yes house feels much better and my son who was showing signs of geo stress has much improved. Definitely feel less stressed and irritable and can concentrate more

Thanks for your help. The work you do is great, I wish I had a job which was as rewarding”.


Dumfries Client

“It is may be a little early to report any changes yet, however I feel that the building is ‘lighter’ if that

makes sense”.


Stockton-on-Tees, Client

“The night you did the clearance I slept for a full 7 hours!! Thankyou. I have been waking up with more energy and optimism about the future. My partner the very next day was offered a job and starts Monday. So thank you once again”.


Tervuren, Belgium Client

“I haven’t said anything to my wife about this and yet she has noticed a change in her and my daughters sleep-both much improved. I have felt much more tired than usual but in a relaxed way [Note this is a symptom of the stress leaving the body – JJ] and the house feels cleaner and much calmer”.


Oldham Client

I have always slept well but my husband is a notoriously sleeper. The morning after you cleared the house he told me “ I have had a cracking night’s sleep”. Only then did I mention the clearance – since when he continues to sleep well!


Madison USA Client

Thank you for the clearing, it is greatly appreciated…

Last night I noticed a lightness about the house – it felt free from resistance (is the only way I can describe it) The space feels lighter today and it’s as if the house can breathe again… Does that make sense?

I want to laugh and jump about and have fun… Which isn’t usual for this 48 almost 49 yr. old haha. Thanks again Jeff, a big thank you for the wonderful work you do… for all you do.


Whitley Bay Client

Thank you so much. I was not aware that you had done the clearing but yesterday afternoon I noticed that my house felt slightly different and I woke up this morning feeling I had slept well and for the first time since we moved here I didn’t wake up with a headache. Only then did I read your e-mail and realised it had been done which explained it all! Thank you again and I will give more feedback as and when I notice any changes.I’m pleased to report that we are both sleeping better.


Baldock, Herts Client

Is it usual for the garden to ‘feel different’ so soon afterwards as I have been hanging out the washing and there is a definite ‘good feel’ about it.

Please don’t ever give up this good work that you do!


London Client

With regard to my flat, I have noticed two things, 1 colours seem a little more vivid. 2 (for me this is remarkable) as of last week Sunday, I had an overwhelming desire to go to bed much earlier than usual. This is amazing as I am a night owl!


Shaftesbury Client

Slept till 10 today and could have gone longer had not Mr Postie knocked door with your certificate 🙂 Thanks


Plymouth Client

“The house felt much lighter and more welcoming from the first evening! We have not awoken feeling exhausted and have slept better since the house was cleared. We also have been less stressed! I was beginning to think we would need to move as I had slept so badly since we moved here, thank you. I have been telling my friends!”

Ten days later…. “Still sleeping well!”


Croydon Client

Thank you very much for the clearing and your message.

I did experience an energy shift yesterday evening to a much more one.

Thanks again and kind regards,


France Client:

“I do not feel any geostress in the house anymore and my husband’s stress reduced also, after the clearing last year – I can’t remember if I had confirmed that in an earlier email.”.


VH Dublin Client

“My energy had reached an all-time low but I can feel my energy increasing very quickly since the clearance – absolutely amazing. I have to say I am blown away by what you do!”


Cheltenham Client:

One Hour after Clearance………….

“Well, I’m agog! The whole energy in the flat feels a lot more comfortable and what I can only describe as “lighter”. I have a peace lily in the corner and it has gone from being droopy to very much alive. My bedroom feels calmer; I will keep you posted on my quality of sleep”.

………….Three Days later

“My flat remains very comfortable. I have had almost uninterrupted sleep and I have not had a sense of “unease” which would keep me awake for hours I also feel comfortable all over my bed if that makes sense!!! Once again, thank you. I am very grateful to you”.


Beckanham Client:

“Just to let you know that I (and my wife) have definitely experienced a shift in the energies in the house. In the last couple of days I have woken up without feeling like I am carrying the world on my back! I have also noticed that my Mum is being moved towards greater activity and more physical exercise. It’s as if a heaviness has been lifted”.


Berkshire Client:

“Whether you believe in the method Jeff uses or not I can tell you ‘hand on heart’ that it works, it might seem impossible – but it works! Since the clearance I’ve noticed big improvements in my health, the issues with my eyes seem at the moment to have pretty much disappeared and I’ve not suffered headaches in a few weeks“.


Deeside, Flintshire Client:

“I went out in my car to do some shopping and started to feel like putting a music CD on, something I have not wanted to do for some weeks. I also felt more upbeat and outgoing – ‘fizzy’ – as well. I’m pleased that the property is still showing energies”


Lincolnshire Client:

“Since you cleared my home it has certainly had an impact on my health – my goodness I’m starting to feel normal for the first time in years”.

Friend of the above client did not know her house had been cleared but:

“From Wednesday she has been sleeping peacefully throughout the whole night and she doesn’t get that itch all over her body anymore; also her feet don’t ‘burn hot’ so a result she said she feels like a new person!”

also her Daughter:

“A change in the energy from the evening of the clearance, which was good! Also so far no migraines which is great as suffer badly with them. Thank you once again for the clearance, I am very grateful. It has made a huge difference to me”.

and then:

“My friend had you clear my home of Geopathic Stress last week for which I will be eternally grateful and I would like you to do the same for one of my friends hence my order today”.


Stroud Gloucestershire client:

“Thank you very much. I’ve just walked into my flat, at about 3.45pm and I immediately sensed that you had already done the clearing. The space feels lighter and cleaner”.


San Leandro California client:

“I just wanted to get back with you. I did notice that my meditation has improved and I do not sleep as long on the weekend:) I will be introducing good friends of mine – thank you for the service your provide” 🙂


Dublin Client:

“Your work has helped me a lot. I found it to be in the house for long periods before you cleansed it. Thanks again for all your help. All the very best!”


Lincoln Client:

“Thank you for all your help in clearing geopathic stress from our home. On the Tues. my wife commented that the bathroom felt brighter although I had not told her that you had let us know the evening before that you had completed the clearance – we are sleeping better and not feeling so tired.”


Dorset Client:

“Well that was amazing! My M.E. provided me with an almost permanent headache…….. (after the clearance) I felt all this ‘stuff’ draining out of the top of my head and no sign of negative energies now which is absolutely wonderful. I am looking forward to reading your book. Very Many Thanks”.


Swansea Client

“One thing I did notice almost immediately, although it was quite subtle, was that the atmosphere seemed crisper and fresher in my home”.


Cheshire Client:

“Writing to confirm that I do feel a difference in my home , it feels lighter, clearer, as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. My husband and I are sleeping better and feeling more energised”.


Alviso,California Client:

“I got home, opened the door and felt the difference right away. It’s so much cleaner! My backyard felt different too, maybe the pear tree will grow better this year. 🙂

Thank you so much!!! I’ll refer you to anyone who’s ready for the change”.


Melbourne Client:

“I received your certificate today…thanks…Recently, I’ve been waking up feeling very calm which is a nice change…thanks for the clearing…”


Buckingham Client:

“I have enjoyed reading your fascinating book and thank you so much for clearing the geopathic stress from our house; since clearing the house somehow the atmosphere is different – my husband is noticing that as well and feels less worried”.


Essex Client:

“…the energy in this house is very much improved…I am sleeping deeply and the real energy test is the stairs, I’m now gliding up them!


Chris, Headmaster:

“My headaches stopped the day you remotely cleared my office and never returned”


Claire, ME Client:

“I have been jumping up and down in my room – because now I can!”


London Client:

“Since you done the dowsing, I have not experienced any jumping off from my sleep or having any nightmares. I will keep you informed whatever I experience in the near future.”


Buckingham Client:

“After you cleared our house I asked you to do the house where my young grandaughter lives because she slept badly; she is too young to know anything of your treatment but from the day you did it she has slept fine and still does weeks later! My own pains lessend and have gone altogether now, thank you”.


Greater Manchester Client:

“I am sleeping much better and now don’t wake up much down the bed from trying to escape the geopathic stress in my sleep!”


Lanire Client:

“I am sleeping better and the regular headaches have now gone!”


Genoa, Italy Client:

“The first thing I noticed when I arrived home after you had cleared my apartment was that the atmosphere inside my home felt ‘lighter’ … the air seemed clearer and cleaner…. I did feel a difference and even my girlfriend noticed a difference”.


Warwickshire Client:

“I have to say I feel lighter and better in myself than I have done for quite a while, seemed to have had a stagnant heavy feeling ‘lugging’ around for some time now“.


London Client:

“It does feel less heavy in here and it feels different in the garden as well; earlier today it seemed that the main room was light and more empty/freed up”