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How is remote clearing of Geopathic Stress possible?

Our personal treatment for geopathic stress acts remotely at the energy level anywhere on earth to restore the disturbed earth energies to their natural harmless state.

Geopathic stress appears when natural earth energies get distorted by weak magnetic fields often generated by underground streams. Once we apply the technique this distortion is cancelled out permanently. Geopathic stress immediately reverts at the source and never reaches that property again – guaranteed!

“Like this treatment other techniques such as: Dowsing, Feng-Shui, Healing and Kinesiology are all practised remotely worldwide. All – and much else – work through the universal intelligent energies described in my book “It’s A Whole New World!”’

Jeff Jeffries

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What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is the label given to the effects that can happen to people – and animals – who spend time living, working or sleeping above harmful underground magnetic fields. It is believed that our bodily energy fields may not be compatible with the earth’s natural rays once those underground earth energies have become distorted. For practical purposes, people are likely to be affected if their home, office, etc is located at any height at all above these harmful rays. This may often be referred to as `sick building syndrome`.

To have geopathic stressed cleared for your home or business, click here.

Research carried out in recent decades suggests that this distortion happens whilst certain fields of energy are rising to the earth’s surface through underground running water, mine workings, underground fissures, faults and cavities and through particular minerals. The adverse effect on the body is similar to, but much stronger than, that which is argued to occur through mobile phones and electricity pylons, etc. The research has been mostly conducted on the continent where the health problems geopathic stress can cause seem to be better understood. The findings are widely documented – especially on the internet.

We have not been part of any of this research ourselves but we do know for certain that geopathic stress is real – and that it is ly harmful. Jeff Jeffries devotes a whole chapter to his own experiences of the subject in his book ‘The Intelligent Universe Revealed

Our clearance technique reverts the distorted earth energy that becomes harmful geopathic stress and returns it to its natural state – completely neutralising the geopathic stress.

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Effects of geopathic stress

Geopathic stress is thought to act on the body’s energy field to weaken the immune system. This can reduce the state of our health generally rather than causing any obvious clear-cut conditions.

In the same way that lack of exercise, bad diet or using tobacco and other substances are ‘bad for us’ geopathic stress can trigger or worsen health issues. It also makes it more for us to respond to orthodox medical treatment or to complementary therapies.

It can therefore open us up to serious conditions including the debilitating problem of ME as well as complaints that are not exactly specific. These include any general aches and pains, headaches, neuralgia, or constant tiredness, muscular/skeletal conditions and many other complaints such as feeling generally stressed or impatient.

Geopathic stress creates a particular problem for anyone sleeping over an affected area because it will disturb the natural healing power of sleep at the same time as the person is being exposed to the harmful geopathic stress in a concentrated way for a long unbroken period.

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Signs of geopathic stress

Whether, and to what extent, a person is adversely affected by geopathic stress depends on how the particular distorted field is, how long he or she spends under its influence and on their age, general health and lifestyle.

There are also certain classic indications that someone may be suffering the effects of geopathic stress that we should try to recognise. These include:

• sleeping patterns, particularly waking in the morning to feel that you have not had a proper night’s sleep
• grinding of teeth during the night
• unexplained headaches
• displays of severe impatience and anger
• babies moving about their cot and finishing up pressed against the bars
• a grey ‘unwashed’ pallor and, often, very lifeless hair
• low energy levels

If you feel your own health or general sense of well-being (or that of someone you know) has changed after moving home this could be a very indicator that geopathic stress is present. It is in everyone’s interest to have their home or workplace checked for geopathic stress if there are any long term health issues – or even simply for peace of mind. If you are in frequent contact with any property that is affected by geopathic stress we can neutralise it for you.  See ase studieshere.

Any condition suffered by you or someone you know will be harder to treat if affected by geopathic stress, those conditions which are long term or have no obvious cause may well be specifically connected to its harmful influence.

Indications of a property affected by geopathic stress can be a sense of shabbiness, a feeling of walls “closing in”, no sparkle to the home and even cracked plaster. In contrast, buildings that have been cleared of geopathic stress are often said to feel warmer and more inviting. Visitors often ask if the owner has decorated or what has been done differently as they pick up on the improved atmosphere.

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Testing for geopathic stress

There is a simple ‘muscle test’ that you can use to check if geopathic stress is affecting any person or property. Most individuals can carry it out successfully whether for their own health or for someone else’s. You can use the test anywhere any time – even if you are thousands of miles away from the place or person you wish to check.

The muscle test is technically known as kinesiology and you can use it to confirm that a property is clear after it has been treated or to satisfy yourself that our process will be successful before you ask us to undertake it.

If you try the test for yourself you can expect accurate results most of the time – though people who are geopathically stressed can sometimes get misleading signals. It is always better therefore to invite different people to try the test for you – especially if it appears to show there is no problem.

To conduct a ‘muscle test’ you need two people; one stands in front of the other and both face the same way, i.e. the person behind is looking at the back of their partner’s head. The one in front raises their arm to shoulder level with the arm pointing sideways, palm down. He or she then tries to resist downward pressure as the person behind them puts one hand on the partner’s outstretched wrist and the other on their opposite shoulder

The person who is behind pushes firmly down on the outstretched wrist/arm to get a rough guide to the resistance the person in front has, against their arm being pushed down.

Once this general level of resistance is experienced the test is repeated but this time the person in front says to themselves (silently or out loud):

“I am looking for geopathic stress – is this a safe spot (or house) (or room) (or office) (etc) to be”.

If the place they are testing is affected by geopathic stress they will be noticeably less able to resist the downward pressure than when their resistance was being measured at first.

The ‘muscle test’ can be conducted actually on the site you want to check or ”remotely” just by mentally identifying the location you wish to check. This way you can use the muscle test to assess geopathic stress for any site anywhere in the world. From where you are right now you could check for geopathic stress in the White House or Buckingham Palace just as easily as for your own home.

Similarly the test allows you and a partner to check if any person anywhere is suffering the effects of geopathic stress; just identify them in the question that is being asked about whether they are affected by geopathic stress.

It is important to finish a muscle test ly. If geopathic stress is found either in a property or a person you must test until the person’s resistance is back to normal by using any questions you know will bring a response e.g. checking their name. The final outcome must be for the strength of their resistance to the downward pressure in a muscle test returning to normal.

Another way to get back to normal is to try using the muscle test to check for yourself whether the Intelligent Energies technique to clear the site will be effective once we have treated your location. Do this by changing the question to:

“I am looking for geopathic stress – will this be a safe spot (or house) (or room) (or office)(etc) after it has been neutralised by Intelligent Energies’’?

If you ask us to neutralise geopathic stress then when we advise that the property has been cleared you can confirm it by going back to the original question and asking:

“I am looking for geopathic stress – is this now a safe spot (or house) (or room) (or office) (etc) to be”.

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How to check for geopathic stress

The presence of geopathic stress in a building can best be identified or confirmed by dowsing. Jeff Jeffries is particularly sensitive to geopathic stress and always dowses to check clients who see him for healing to make sure they and the properties they use are safe.  The most familiar version of dowsing is water divining, but it can just as easily be used to find geopathic stress. You may wish to establish to your own satisfaction that a property is affected by geopathic stress before you invite us to deal with it for you.

We are not aware of any satisfactory available devices to measure geopathic stress objectively.

Although geopathic stress was established and has been studied by scientists for decades, for practical purposes healers and dowsers are most familiar with its existence and its effects. A few dowsers can also clear or neutralise it remotely; Jeff Jeffries is particularly tuned into this surprising ability and has been using his own multi-layered and highly effective technique for more than twenty years.

We use this highly successful remote clearance technique to confirm a property is affected by geopathic stress before we act to neutralise its effects. When you order our service to clear geopathic stress we will dowse the property on a simple yes/no basis before and after our treatment. This will confirm only whether any stress is present before and then after clearance. We will not look for more detail. 

There is also a simple test that most people can easily conduct for themselves to check if geopathic stress is present. Click here to learn how to test for geopathic stress.

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Solving the problem

The best solution to the problem of geopathic stress is to neutralise its effects in any building affected.

The benefits of neutralising geopathic stress at locations you use regularly can often be recognised as improved well-being for anyone who is already being affected by these unwelcome fields of distorted energy. However, because prevention is better than cure there are important gains to be made by making your home or work station safe before people start to suffer any ill effects.

The Intelligent Energies Ltd process will neutralise the presence of geopathic stress in any property at any location, anywhere in the world, without a visit to the site being necessary. It is therefore an easy, convenient and cost effective method for clearing geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress causes problems at an energy level – there is no other means by which it can have an impact. Similarly it is detectable by the interaction of energy involved in dowsing and in the muscle test. Our natural means to clear a property also relies on directing the interactive energies used by healers, dowsers and Feng Shui practitioners but using a specific remote technique

Use the ‘muscle test’ or a dowser to prove the presence of geopathic stress and to demonstrate to yourself that our technique will work for your property before you commission us. The same test will also satisfy you that your property is indeed clear after we have treated it for you.

Our unique process leaves your property with high energies!

Geopathic stress is a problem of incompatible energy fields – human fields competing with adverse natural fields; if energy fields did not exist then neither would geopathic stress and we would not have their problems.

Because energies are ‘real’ and do interact then, as a healer and dowser, I am able to detect and treat geopathic stress naturally by restoring the distorted earth energy back to its original state. Based on the earliest treatment undertaken around 1998 – and still testing free and – this method is permanent and does not require renewal.

Check for yourself   most people can use a version of interactive energies for themselves to check out all their questions about geopathic stress and its treatment; for a link click on ‘muscle test‘

Geopathic stress is not an illness – it is distorted natural energy that affects our ‘body energy’  leading to a variety of symptoms notably including:

  • Tiredness
  • Disturbed or sleeping patterns
  • Reduced energy levels
  • Headaches
  • Anger, impatience or behavioural problems
  • Slow or lack of response to medical treatment

One clue is to consider whether problems appeared after moving to a new home or workstation

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What to expect from the clearance

The results that can be detected once geopathic stress has been neutralised depend on what noticeable effect geopathic stress has had on those affected by it.

Whilst geopathic stress is present it reduces your body’s ability to function; you may have noticed tell-tale signs such as: headaches, tiredness, sleep, weakness, general pains and so on. If these were being caused by geopathic stress things should noticeably ease within a week or two of the stress being neutralised. If geopathic stress has caused or worsened any particular condition, then at the very least removing it will stop it from aggravating the sickness and increase your prospects of improvement or recovery.

If you have noticed no ‘symptoms’, then you may not notice any obvious improvement; much also depends on personal sensitivities. However what you will have done is greatly enhanced your chances of maintaining good health into the future. Like smoking, diet or exposure to other sources of harmful fields, geopathic stress is best avoided for the good of everyone’s health.

There are no side effects from the process we use to neutralise geopathic stress. Some clients report temporary sensations over a couple of days or so as the stress starts to leave their bodies, including: deeper sleep, vivid dreams and a few aches and pains. This does not last long and is the equivalent of releasing toxins from the body.

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Case studies

Jeff Jeffries devotes a chapter to the topic of geopathic stress in his book ‘It’s a Whole New World!

Jeff developed his method of neutralising geopathic stress to give his clients a better chance of responding to his healing treatments in those cases where they were exposed to the harmful rays. Many of his cases therefore involve houses which have been neutralised, but where the owner was also given natural healing at the same time. The most interesting cases from a geopathic stress perspective however are those that did not actually involve healing or where the person affected was not aware that their house had been treated.


The following are examples of both types from Jeff’s cases:

Several clients have told me how visitors can somehow pick up on how the rooms feel lighter after a clearance. A few have said how plants also perk up once the geopathic stress has been cleared and some houses that had been on the market for some time suddenly sell.

One client told me that glassware in a cabinet seemed suddenly brighter and another in Belgium who was an audio hifi buff said that the sound from his top quality equipment had was so much more natural.

Clearly our body energies and those interactive energies that are all around us are part of how we use our senses – the ‘fog’ of geopathic stress impairs this ability.

A client who had a clearance came back to say that the bottom of the garden still felt bad; we soon realised this was emanating from the garden of her rear neighbour which was affected by the remainder of the stress line that continued across her neighbour’s land although her own was now clear. I did an extra clearance for her covering a couple of metres of the neighbouring property.

She told me she then had felt a change in the energy of the garden; it felt lighter and looked brighter – more peaceful and inviting. She didn’t feel the level of anxiety when in her back rooms and found herself realising that she now felt ‘ok and not unsettled as before’!

A Korean client contacted me from New York to arrange a clearance; three weeks later he emailed me full of praise for what he called my ‘magical treatment’. He and his wife were sleeping so much better, pains in their backs had ‘gotten better’. They felt less pain much rested and refreshed after waking up in the morning.

He then ordered a clearance for a friend who later reported This is just amazing. I can’t even imagine how this could be possible for someone who is in England to cure my place in NY just like that as if by magic. I fall asleep fast. I don’t get headaches. I don’t get muscle spasms not once after Mr. Jeffries cleared and cured my place”.

Still impressed my New York client ordered yet another clearing for another friend who told me “After the first day, can’t pinpoint what it was but something was different, the whole house felt cozier and ‘more homey’; a big change. I fall asleep very quickly and sleep soundly through the night as well as my wife. She used to get up 2 to 4 times every night but she only got up once and told me that she feels much better and that the sleep was delicious”.

“We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. You gave us sleep, a restful sleep with health benefits. You are The Best Jeff !!!”

A keen athlete got in touch to say that she was struggling badly with her long distance running due to weakness and breathing ies – as she said I started suddenly in April 2004 with the problem; one week I was running well, the next it was like the handbrake had been slammed on tight and I was gasping awfully!”

She was only alerted to the idea of geopathic stress 9 years later in 2013 immediately I cleared the house she told me:

“I went for a walk on Tuesday and about 10 minutes in I had the great urge to run – when I read your message later in the afternoon I wondered if the treatment was roundabout that time. I felt weird!” Then:

“Ran on Weds night, first run since you had cleared the house and what a difference – same run as last Weds yet nearly 18 minutes quicker and conditions were worse!! (wet, muddy and windy). The main difference with the house is that it feels calm – for want of a better phrase, less hostile – does that make sense?” 

In September, three months after the clearance and following a series of training reports to me showing steady progress with her health and stamina I was delighted to receive a message from her saying: I did a 19 mile fell event on the 21st  Sept with my running friend Peter and we knocked nearly half an hour off last year’s time – wonderful day!!”


Animals too are affected by geopathic stress; for example, it is not uncommon for horses to show erratic or behaviour patterns if they are stabled over these distorted energies.

You owe it to your animals too to protect them from geopathic stress.

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