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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you know energies exist and interact?

    The concept that energies are critically important to the universe and to our lives is not new. For thousands of years people throughout the planet have known this and, particularly in the past, have built their lives around their relationships with these energies. Today the role of energies is still recognised though to a much lesser degree in the west than elsewhere, because science moved its thinking to a more mechanistic universe.

    I realised that the effects I experience as a healer and the strong sensations felt by clients were the result of a conscious effort on my part that was being matched by an outside universal power. Energies are essential to practices such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Tai-Chi, Reiki and other healing methods as well as Feng-Shui, crystals and so much else. All of this is explained in my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’

    My work with interactive ‘Intelligent Energies’ now brings the concept of engaging with energies up-to-date. The intelligent interaction between humans and universal energies is now easy to see and fits squarely into modern science. All we have to do is now is to build on it in order to understand more about life and the universe than has ever been known.

  • How can you clear geopathic stress remotely?

    As my book and website explain we all have body-energy fields which actively co-ordinate our minds and bodies – hence the expression ‘mind body and spirit’. The earth and the universe also have their own energy fields which can interact with our personal energies; sometimes energy connections are helpful to us and sometimes they cause problems – geopathic stress causes big problems!

    Without the interaction between body energies and other energies geopathic stress would not be able to affect us. However we can also use these energy interactions to our advantage as we do with all healing and related therapies including remote treatments. I extend these familiar principles through my ability to restore the distorted earth energies of geopathic stress back to their original harmless state.

    As a healer and a dowser for over twenty years I have worked remotely and successfully with clients in close to 30 countries worldwide and with many written endorsements of my work

    My book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ is the story of my experiences and the lessons I learned! So far as interactive energies are concerned – as with gravity and radio waves – distance is no object and they work regardless of personal beliefs!

  • How can your treatment help?

    I am particularly sensitive to geopathic stress (as I initially discovered to my cost!). In addition I am a healer, a dowser and ‘clairsentient’ and over the years have put these abilities and many personal experiences to good use on behalf of many clients. See ‘It’s a Whole New World!’

    Eventually I established an advanced means to clear geopathic stress remotely and featuring my particular combination of abilities. The process restores the distorted energy that is geopathic stress back into its original natural and harmless state.

    I have not yet found any level of geopathic stress that my method will not clear. Once we take geopathic stress out of the equation the body will be better able to recover from whichever adverse effects the geopathic stress is responsible for; the body will also be expected to respond better to treatment for any condition than if the patient were still under the influence of the geopathic stress.

    Being free of geopathic stress helps everyone!

  • What actual effects does geopathic stress have?

    There is no single effect that can be attributed to geopathic stress alone. Poor sleeping patterns, general tiredness, low energy levels are common indicators but they can have other causes.

    Essentially geopathic stress reduces the body’s natural ability to organise itself effectively – for example its immune system can be weakened – as a result of being affected by geopathic stress we become prone to health issues which can vary across a range of symptoms from indeterminate aches and pains (especially headaches) on to more serious conditions; medical and complementary treatments designed to help our bodies recover from any illness may work less effectively because our capacity to be well is being compromised by geopathic stress.

    Problems will vary according to the strength of the geopathic stress in the location that is affecting us and depending on how long we spend under its influence – sleeping over geopathic stress will be especially potentially harmful. Our lifestyle will also be a feature as will our age, our general health and any genetic predisposition to a disorder.

    Not everyone in a household will be similarly or equally affected.

  • What exactly is geopathic stress?

    It is a general label that is not always used consistently but is broadly the adverse impact on the health and well-being of humans and animals that can arise from electro-magnetic energies. In particular it is thought that underground energies on their way to the earth’s surface can become distorted so as to be incompatible with our body energies. Because these body energies are critical in keeping us healthy they cannot do their job properly whilst they are adversely affected.

    Scientists have identified two grids of magnetic fields known as The Curry Grid and the Hartmann Net; these are both thought to contribute to the presence of geopathic stress.

  • Does Science recognise geopathic stress?

    Scientists actually discovered it. On the continent of Europe it is much better understood than in the UK. In Germany Government grants have been made available for research and in Dubrovnik the authorities were so concerned about incidents of cancer in a block of flats they demolished the whole building.

    Individually some scientists in the UK do recognise the problem. Dr Robert Jacobs, MRCS, LRCP has said that 30% of the people he sees have been affected by geopathic stress but his level of enlightenment is not typical. The scientific structure in the UK seems unwilling to take notice of an issue which is not comfortably within their current model.

    The DVD on the Home Page includes a scientific perspective from more enlightened science!

  • Why is geopathic stress such a mystery?

    We all rely on science to take a lead in informing us about modern life even though we tend to believe scientists don’t know everything and even though more and more people are dissatisfied with aspects of their medical treatments.

    Against that background the main problem for science is that geopathic stress is wholly bound up with the issue of ‘energies’. Without personal and interactive energies being present there would be no problem of geopathic stress – but science fails to recognise that we all have a body energy system which is as critical to our health and well-being as any part of our familiar physiology

    Generally speaking therefore science can’t get to grips with the problem because there is nothing in the scientific model to explain either the effects of geopathic stress or the ways to deal with it – so it stays ‘under the radar’.