Restoring Earth Energies for your Land and Property


Clearing Geopathic Stress
Reversing Earth Fatigue
Boosting Earth Energies
Refreshing the Power Centres of your Location

When I receive your order I will check that your property is affected by geopathic stress or earth fatigue and clear it, usually within 24 hours. I will send an email to confirm that the clearance is complete.

I have now extended the list of energy clearances to deal with four distinct influences as part of every single order. This new service has grown over the years and is now ready to help everyone for the fee of £45.

All clearances since 17 March 2021 already include all four treatments as will all clearances ordered from now on.

If you have had any property cleared before 17 March 2021 and would like this to be upgraded to include the added treatments please email me your name, the order number of the clearance and the address of the previously cleared property.

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