March 2021

Clive Anderson – Mystified Dowser

Clive Anderson, well-known television personality is the co-host of a series of programmes called Mystic Britain. It delves into the past through the prism of modern knowledge. The premise is that the past is about superstition and modern knowledge has better answers. Fair enough, up to a point, but there is a problem. Not everything the ancients practised and believed was mistaken and modern scientific knowledge has many gaps which ancient awareness could help fill.

Dowsing – or water divining as it is commonly perceived – is a case in point. There is no explanation for the art in science and critics wrongly claim tests have shown it doesn’t’ work. Unwittingly Clive proved it does work during an episode of his series and his face and demeanour reveal everything. He also observed the incident was the most important of the series and he has since taken up dowsing.

Take a look at the video below:

Finding water by dowsing is the traditional purpose but the principle can apply to finding more or less anything knowable. Next week’s lottery numbers are not likely to be in this category. But you may recall in November 2017 10 out of 12 water companies readily confirmed they too used dowsing to find not only water – but also underground pipes and leaks. Following media reactions, the companies rushed to clarify their position. Saying they also used more up-to-date methods and dowsing was neither their first line nor their policy.

Truth, which was too challenging, lost out in a victory for perceived ‘common sense’. Technical practice and successful experiences across eighty per cent of an entire industry were swept safely under the carpet. Clive’s demonstration was not connected to finding water but to identifying the presence of Earth energies. We all recognise there are underground streams, but Earth energies are a different matter and add to the mystery. For many there are no Earth energies to be found so mystic Clive’s mystifying experience will suggest to them that dowsing couldn’t have been finding anything at all. Therefore, they will say, dowsing is false. Not so, I dowse all the time, but using a pendulum rather than dowsing rods. Through the remote link that is created, I find distorted Earth energies which are not compatible with us and reverse those distortions to clear geopathic stress and Earth Fatigue. The ultimate proof is not so much the movement of the pendulum but the endorsements of clients.

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