January 2021

A Happier New Year

2021, a new year carrying on from the old year as in reality it always does, at least at the beginning. Now it seems almost inappropriate to wish each other that 2021 will actually be happy. It is interesting how being happy at this point would be for us to return to what we considered only normal 12 months ago. We did not know how happy we were – now perhaps we do. The year 2021 can get happier, we should wish for it with all our energy.

What we shared in 2020 are the problems brought on by Covid but we also had a taste of hardships lived every day and every year by millions across the world as their standard normality.

Interactions which constantly take place between energies mean the planet itself has also been coping with the energy impacts of those problems over hundreds, even thousands, of years. The energy systems of planet Earth are now seriously disturbed and this too has an impact reverberating back through all life forms. We can see the practical effects of this on wildlife and through climate change. We can see physical influences through geopathic stress and Earth Fatigue.

It may seem we can do nothing about those energy disturbances but we can. We can fight negativity with positivity. Every physical positive step we can take reduces those practical problems but also generates positive energy imprints. Reducing plastic and pesticides in a return to more natural ways of life, are two examples.

My work with geopathic stress and Earth Fatigue not only benefits the locations which I clear. It reduces the adverse energy load which negatively affects all life forms and the planet as a whole.

Science, commerce and political decisions lead the world’s practical responses for a better way forward. We must play our part in those steps but we must also change our attitudes and demands in order to help nature heal itself. All of life and the whole of nature in the physical universe are connected as one.

I am grateful to a friend and energy colleague Nicola Dexter for passing on a video in which humans and creatures share connections which speak volumes. It goes beyond ‘cute’ to an underlying reality showing how we are all the same. From the same origins we share the same characteristics, needs and desires. We are equal and must recognise and act upon this if we are to save the planet. You can see this delightful and revealing video here https://youtu.be/vne8IS0cqyw

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Happy New Year to all.


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