Barking up the wrong tree!

Barking up the wrong tree!

When I made my recent appearance on the USA One Radio Network, one of the people mentioned to me by the host was Rupert Sheldrake – an eminent British scientist who is at odds with his more orthodox colleagues because he recognises the weakness of the scientific model.

Professor Sheldrake maintains that modern science is based on 10 suspicious or unsupported dogmas and their reliance on these dogmas holds scientists back. The professor reaches his view from his own work on what he calls ‘morphic resonance’ but it chimes with my experience as an energy-worker and what I know as Intelligent Energies.

We both agree that sceptics and scientists who hold strong beliefs in what they call logic, common sense or ‘scientific knowledge’ and then reject anything that does not fit their beliefs, have a manifestly incomplete understanding of the nature of life and the universe. Our readings of the same forces both offer a similar perspective that needs to change or extend the scientific model.

I recently watched a TV programme in which intelligent people failed to take interactive energies into account when trying to fathom the phenomenon reported by many dog owners aware of how their pets behave in an excited manner predicting that someone is due to arrive home. Many dogs will display their anticipation that their owner is due home long before they could have detected the person by sound or any orthodox sense and long before the person actually arrives.

This is something that Rupert Sheldrake has studied and written about as being due to morphic resonance – and which I see being due to dogs interacting naturally with Intelligent Energies. However, the programme explored its own different theory that dogs notice a fading in the strength of their owner’s odour around the house as the day passes and eventually pick up on this as a signal that the owner is due any time soon.

This theory assumes that, regardless of how long the absent owner is away and no matter how long the journey home, the ‘dog phenomenon’ comes down to how long it takes for the scent at home to have reached the point at which every dog actually notices how weak it has become! For all dogs, all owners and their individual odours – and no matter how long the owner is away – somehow the scent fades at exactly the right time to connect the dog to their return.

Testing the theory meant taking steps to reinforce the owner’s scent later in the day by waving around some of his clothes. This strengthened the odour around the house to block the dog from realising when it was time for it’s master’s return.

As I watched the programme I remained confident that the dog would react as normal despite the strengthened scent ….. but was shocked to find that, in fact, the dog did indeed completely fail to sense when its owner was on the way at the usual time!

According to the presenter it ‘seemed surprised’ when he turned up which suggested that their theory was correct after all and the dog was indeed relying on fading scent to make it aware of time and the return of its owner.

Orthodox science 1 Intelligent Energies 0……..  or was it?

Although the experiment did take me by surprise, if you re-examine the events with the benefit of interactive energies and a slightly bigger picture the conclusion that the owner’s scent explains everything remains very unsafe.

Admittedly, the dog did behave differently after the increase in the owner’s scent but we also have to acknowledge, in other tests, dogs show the same awareness even when the owner arrives home at unexpected or irregular times which cannot consistently relate to the rate that a scent dissipates. In addition scent  may decline at different rates, whilst dogs probably vary in how well (if at all) they notice this; to me the conclusion was definitely flawed – but what was going on?

Strengthening the scent did appear to affect the dog’s behaviour so let’s assume that, at some level, the dog was led into accepting that the owner was still the around the house and so failed to show its usual reaction.

I am sure that the extra strong scent did make the dog ‘believe’ the owner was at home and would be more than enough to divert the dog’s attention so that it missed the interactive energy signals it usually recognised. This would mean the energy imprint that the owner was setting off for home had not ‘got through’.

Energy signals are faint and hard to interpret – unlike our more usual senses they are not hard-wired into the conscious brain; they are filtered via body energies into our subconscious and then on to our conscious mind which is when we (and dogs) can react. Depending on how sensitive we are, those signals can easily be blocked, go unnoticed or get ignored – they are still happening but whether or not we pick up on them is another matter.

The failure of mainstream science to recognise interactive energies meant that the TV programme in turn had no access to a far more likely scenario than the one they examined that misdirected them to the conclusions they drew. Simply reading my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ would have made clear how easily and effectively, interactive Intelligent Energies make all the difference to what we understand.

That is frustrating for me – science should certainly be better informed! However it gets more serious than that; later in the same week came news of the sort of scientific breakthrough which gives scientists the popular authority they enjoy. Using cells from the nose they appear to be developing a surgical technique that allows for the possibility of correcting paralysis in cases where the spinal cord has been severed; this new approach enables the nerves to grow again and movement to return to the patient.

On the face of it this is indeed a powerful potential new treatment with so much to offer.  My question is how much more would it offer if the after-care included energy healing?

All healers know that our body energies are a vital part of maintaining or improving health and wellbeing; they affect and are affected by our physical mental and emotional traumas. Because science does have an incomplete picture of interacting energies the body energy of those patients who receive the new treatment will not have the benefit of energy healing. Their energy will recover more slowly and its ability to sustain and speed up the effectiveness of this amazing breakthrough will be reduced.

Competent healing would add so much to this new technique – as it would to most treatments of course; but this innovation seems to me to cry out particularly, for the energies that are essential to health to be recognised and included in the new procedure.

Healings, Intelligent Energies, morphic resonance and everything related are there to serve and benefit us; we can take advantage in many different ways – unless we choose to ignore them of course!





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