November 2020

A belated thank you to all who have registered for my newsletters and apologies for not reaching out to everyone sooner.

I have been busy with clearances and am now active across 46 countries, amazing!!! Also researching and exploring energies as well as writing a new book. That manuscript has completed and I am now actively seeking to get it published.

More than that, I have discovered a new adverse Earth energy which I call Earth fatigue which I also am now reversing back to its safe natural state. Just as I have always done with geopathic stress. Its effects on our body energies are similar to geopathic stress but I believe Earth fatigue is a feature of the  planet’s own energy system rather than its magnetic field. Geopathic stress is distorted magnetism whilst Earth fatigue affects the planet’s natural energies. They in turn affect us. My new process is therefore helping heal the planet and the life that depends on it.

I believe the cause of Earth fatigue is all the environmental damage, neglect and trauma we are causing the planet. Read more on

There is no avoiding the difficult times the world faces right now. My household contracted Covid in mid March – at a time when even less was known about it. The suggested symptoms to look out for were vague and incomplete and did not altogether match up with what we were experiencing. There was no worthwhile testing and we were not certain we had all had it until afterwards.

It was a nasty experience but we all came through it. I can’t help wondering if geopathic stress and Earth fatigue should be added to the list of vulnerabilities. Unfortunately medical science generally has no knowledge of energy influences – one of my pet themes as many will know!

Hopefully the vaccines will soon be making a difference – evidence of the value of scientific discoveries that I can appreciate. Though perhaps Intelligent Energies have also been helping out the scientists.

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