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The Intelligent Universe Revealed: Bringing Science, Spirituality & Mysticism Together

March 2023 – New Book Out Now!

In his new book Jeff shares the advances he has made in the last 10 years since he took his energy abilities worldwide. The Intelligent Energies he revealed in his first book, It’s a Whole New World! have brought greater insights through a further decade of work, research and experiences.

The world too has moved on and is showing signs we are preparing to accept new values offered by an understanding of the world of interactive energies. The way forward is to realise how our lives are bound up with our place in an intelligent universe. One with which we must co-operate by accepting science, spirituality and mysticism as three equal truths brought together in one new perspective for life.

The book is available in paperback and as a Kindle Edition on Amazon. Buy here for special price of £8.99 (paperback) £4.58 (Kindle)

US dollar pricing is $9.99 (paperback) / $5.99 (Kindle)


Intelligent Energies make a world of difference to everything Spiritual, Natural, Mystical, New Age – and even scientific

An ideal gift for the sceptical or the enlightened!

Readers’ Comments on Jeff’s Previous Book

“A fascinating, enjoyable read!

Kindred Spirit Magazine


“I have had your book since it was first published and enjoy reading it over and over again”


“Everyone in medicine should read this”

Dr S (General Practitioner)


“The most important book to have been written in more than 150 years”


“I have just finished reading your book for the second time, and I find it quite to put into words how inspirational I found it”


“I started reading and aside from eating and minor distractions didn’t stop! It is a fascinating, compelling and exciting read and your style of delivery lends itself to a truly enjoyable and enlightening experience”


“With my scientific training I should not readily believe in all this – the trouble is I now know it works!”

R. G. (Former Head of Science)


“Fascinating – I could not put it down; it made me late twice in one day!”


“A brilliant book – my best read of the year!”


“I never expected anything like it – and beautifully written”


“I am reading and thoroughly enjoying your book. Really is a brilliant book.”


“Apart from enjoying it immensely – I agree with everything you say!”

The Author

Jeff Jeffries career has been spent in management, including Chief Executive Officer, Company Director and Consultancy roles. He was also a co-founder and Trustee of a Charity to help young adults with disabilities bridge the gap from supported learning into supported employment and further personal development.

He began his interest in healing when he set out to find help for his daughter who had her own learning ies; he went on to become a powerful and successful healer with the added ability to tackle an adverse and damaging form of natural energy known as geopathic stress. As a result he knows what it can do and exactly how to deal with it!

Above all his abilities to dowse and to heal have led him into the role of author; using his new book, his website and continuing articles to urge everyone to recognise and benefit from the simple, natural and interactive’ Intelligent Energies’ that so easily explain the ‘unknown’.