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Intelligent Energies Healing-Energy Cards

The Healing-Energy cards are intended to bring healing energy to bear through the energy centres (Chakras) and energy flows of the body energy systems of humans of all ages as well as animals. They are therefore based solely on interactive energies – they have no medical content or properties and they are not medical devices. As with all self-help always get a professional diagnosis and discuss your health choices with your doctor.

Our Yellow Card

Clients have reported that our Yellow Card may help with tummy troubles such as indigestion and with muscular or skeletal pain. 

£4.95 each

“I developed the healing-energy cards that have been amazing clients for decades as I learned about healing, dowsing and clearing geopathic stress. They work by connecting the card’s healing-energy to the body’s own energy system; all complementary healing techniques broadly work through our body energy systems.
I write about all my discoveries in my book It’s a Whole New World!”

Jeff Jeffries