What we know – about the ‘Unknown’! Part Two

10 things most people don’t know about ‘healing hands’

In Part One I talked about recognising how those who have the best direct experience of something, can be expected to know more about it than those who deny it even exists. That is one good reason to look into things for yourself – with an open mind and a sensible approach; never be gullible!

The first thing you should be asking is who the hell am I and what gives me the right to give you my advice. Well, first I am someone who always took a sceptical but open-minded view; I eventually discovered that I am one of those people who does have ‘healing hands’ (and no, I am not looking for clients).  I have practised this ability in my spare time for many years and soon realised that it had to have a practical scientific basis. It cannot be ‘magic’ it works to rules that are not part of the scientific model – but it works!  The scientists have yet to catch up and I address myself to them as much as anyone. We all have much to gain from knowing the truth – not least because when you know that healing works you also know that all manner of other things are possible and that’s the really exciting part.

Let’s look at those 10 things most people don’t know about ‘healing hands’.

  1. It’s not hands as such that do the healing it is a simple but hugely powerful interaction of energies that healers  ‘channel’ to others by using their hands as a focus to bring it about.
  2. The healer can usually feel sensations in their hands or elsewhere in their bodies as they ‘give’ healing.
  3. More importantly about 95% of people being healed also feel sensations from one of a narrow range including heat, tingling, pulsing and relaxation. The feelings can be strong though not uncomfortable and are quite unmistakeable.
  4. About 80% of people notice an improvement in their condition by the end of the healing session. More progress usually follows from more treatments though sometimes one can be enough. Sometimes (rarely) a client can find no gains are possible – as with orthodox medicine.
  5. Although healers use their hands as a focus for their healing it is not essential to touch their client. Many will combine ‘contact’ (or ‘touch’) during a session with also putting their hands near their client who will usually then still pick up the healing sensations and make the same gains.
  6. The non-touch healing can be extended into ‘absent’ or ‘distant’ healing in which the healer focusses through their hands again but this time to ‘send’ healing anywhere in the world. This healing is still picked up by the person for whom it was intended – they feel the same sensations and enjoy the same results as if the healer were in the same room rather than miles away. There is no known limit to this – I have sent healing to neighbours across the road but also to different towns in the UK as well as to Canada, Germany and Bali!
  7. The connection between healer and client, whether together or separated by the miles, is made through a universal energy that connects us all.
  8. We all have body energy systems that enable the healer to channel, and their client to make use of, the universal healing system.
  9. These systems, the body energy and the universal energy that connects them are what lie outside of science but, used in different ways, explain how techniques and therapies that sceptics dismiss are actually effective.
  10. Animals too have similar energies and can be given healing treatments just as effectively as humans – including babies.

Jeff Jeffries