The Higgs Boson: it means more to you than you think!

Scientists have all but confirmed they have identified the Higgs Boson – also known as the ‘God particle’ because it is thought to help generate mass and therefore matter within the universe; part of the definition of the boson also is that it operates as part of an interactive field (or fields) across the universe.

For decades, if not centuries, such interactive fields have been known to those with the abilities of healing, dowsing (most familiar as water divining) and even ‘psychic gifts’. The same scientists are not going to be happy with those of us who point this out and will soon be rushing to announce that their discovery does not prove the case for ‘mystical’ phenomena; they will no doubt hope that we will all go away or be bullied into silence about what we know.

The main reason that what we do is described as mystical in the first place is because science has chosen to leave it behind whilst they concentrate on their standard model; some alternative practitioners do pander to this aspect and quite like the idea of being mystical but in my view they are wrong to hang on to that image.

Of course the existence of the boson and the matter of interactive universal fields does not account for ‘mysterious’ abilities but there is a clear resonance that does make such ‘gifts’ more likely than they might otherwise have seemed. If energy fields do interact across the universe, then all it needs is for individuals also to have compatible fields of their own and we can all join in! How we do join in – ie what we choose to do and what makes us able to ‘connect’ to other energies are really quite simple and in some senses, familiar, matters.

I began to study these energy connections when I first encountered ‘healing’; at the same time it seemed to me I was constantly reading brief assurances that progress in particle physics was edging science closer to being able to confirm the new world I was discovering for myself. I tried hard to grasp what lay behind those broad assurances from within the healing fraternity and eventually was able to understand why it was being suggested – though I have to say that science has still not made its own breakthrough.

I do have an advantage in that I am a healer and therefore able to know for a fact that healing does deliver with a very high success rate, regardless of doubts and scepticism. I was therefore free to concentrate on how – not if – it works; that makes a huge difference!

The key is that we do have our own body-energy fields that interact with the familiar, human physical systems that control our health and well-being; that is why practices such as acupuncture and reflexology have an effect on us. When we connect our body-energy fields to those interactive universal fields that are implied by particle physics generally – and the Higgs Boson in particular – we find the basis for a ‘whole new world’ of interacting energies. More than that, I am also able to show how those interactions go way beyond simple physics – they actually respond ‘intelligently’; it was from this that I developed my concept of Intelligent Energies.

Intriguingly, scientists need Intelligent Energies as a concept just as crucially as do those of us with abilities that lie outside science. Not only that, religious believers also have an equal stake in the same principle. Intelligent Energies change all three perspectives – scientific, religious and ‘alternative’ thinking – filling in the gaps between and within each of them:

Scientists need Intelligent Energies partly because they cannot move forward if they continue to ignore such a vital factor and partly because, otherwise, they will always have to rely on such embarrassments as ‘chance’ and ‘coincidence’ or ‘we don’t really know’ and ‘that’s just how it is’ when they try to explain matters that are easily defined through intelligent interactions between energies.

Religious followers benefit from recognising Intelligent Energies because their beliefs in a universal power (or powers) would be vindicated and much more widely acceptable – if not necessarily inclusive of all of their ancient doctrines and details.

Overall, healers and the like are already well-placed because we know the truths about our practical abilities but find that what we have to contribute in this world is underused and needlessly controversial for no reason other than it is overshadowed by an incomplete scientific model.

In a sensible world the three perspectives would trade out dogma and prejudice to establish one understanding of one universe – even if we all then dealt with it slightly differently according to our individual priorities and choices. That one general understanding would amount to all of us acknowledging the presence and impact of Intelligent Energies – of which the Higgs Boson is just one aspect.

Jeff Jeffries: Business Management Consultant, healer and author. Recently published ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ his warm, illuminating account built on his work as a healer working through the ‘intelligent’ energies that shaped the universe and are there to interact with each of us personally.