The Mayan Prophesy and A Whole New World!

According to ancient prophecies 2012 is (one of the years) when the world is going to end – not so! Many now interpret the Mayan forecast for 2012 as meaning the world as we know it will be transformed – hopefully turning into something better. That might actually be right – I did not realise this when I was inspired to call my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ It would be quite awesome to think that the Mayan or other prophesies were foretelling that 2012 would be the start of world changes and that, thousands of years later, my work would play some part!

As a convinced sceptic I would, once, never have made these connections – and yes they do seem far-fetched; but wait. My website, explains a lot and, among many other revelations, my book spells out in much more detail how we can all benefit from a better understanding of how the world really works. From my previous blogs you can see that to be able to accept this as a fact means little more than to acknowledge the existence of interactive energies somewhere amongst those particles that scientists all over the world are seeking out.

Healers, psychics and others with similar beliefs have been familiar with such energies for hundreds of years; science has moved away from this understanding since the discoveries of Newton and Darwin presented us with a more mechanical universe and science generally followed on. With the race now on to discover more particles, modern scientists are heading towards recognising the ways of the world that account for all alternative health techniques as well as spiritual development and are already known to the healer and the psychic. Of course scientists don’t know this yet and will fight it for all they are worth – but it is coming!

My website and my book ’it’s a Whole New World! Tells how my own search to find help for my daughter led me to become a powerful healer myself which, in turn, led me into revelations about the forces that enable healing – and virtually every other genuine practise that is currently outside of science. I now can see how the Mayans and others have long-interacted with natural energies to access all manner of skills and techniques that sceptics fail to accept. It is possible to access the future, use psychic gifts and justify everything from the benefits of meditation to hands on healing. Making this common knowledge is the challenge I have taken on with the potential for the world to begin to change from 2012.

At present we are generally missing one crucial factor; the presence of interactive energies, changes everything. It is crazy that a 21st century world for all our progress is so one dimensional and ill-informed! My aim is to show how, simply and easily, everything works through interactive energy. I say Intelligent Energies, science says subatomic particles, others say God and yet more say alternative or complementary and then ‘supernatural’ or psychic. In truth there is room for all of that – we just have to see it, piece it together differently and our lives are changed forever.

Jeff Jeffries