Why interactive energies make all the difference!

I am constantly on the lookout for examples of how interactive energies have played – and continue to play – a key role in every aspect of the universe as well as in our daily lives. I am able to prove the existence of these energies which I began to call Intelligent Energies because – against all expectations – that is exactly what they are!

This is not an extravagant claim; Intelligent Energies interact in all forms of complementary healing, they are the basis for making sense of how evolution triggered the natural selection process at the heart of Darwin’s theory, they assembled the laws of the universe and are the foundation for belief in a recognisable universal source of power which many people choose to worship as ‘God’.

The universal energy interacts with us personally and individually as much as it did to develop a working universe, all the life forms on our planet and no doubt on countless other planets across the cosmos. Whether you worship this immense power as a personal God is a matter of free choice. You may want to do that or you may prefer to interact in other ways: through meditation, in groups or alone; you may opt for complementary healing from a hands-on healer or other practitioner using crystals, reflexology, homeopathy or other techniques.

Intelligent Energies explain the range of gifts exhibited by genuine psychics but the energies will also respond to your own personal body energies that connect to your body and to your life through your subconscious. The more you practise making links to healing energy or to other positive forces that also interact in energy form, such as angels or the balancing power of Tai Chi, Yoga or other techniques, the better your contact will become and the stronger will be the help that you can gather.

The strongest message I can pass on to help you is that there are good solid reasons to be able to recognise the power of energies which  are there to be harnessed by many different complementary means. Try at least some of them for yourself – above all do not be reluctant to do so simply because you have never believed in them.

If you are one of the 50% of people who believe that science has not understood everything in the universe as well as scientists think they have – you are right and will need little encouragement to see the facts for yourself. If you are amongst the 50% who think that scientists do know everything then you are wrong but you will only see that if you too investigate for yourself.

It is very simple to understand but once you know that healing and energies are there and are constantly able to interact with us, everything falls into place and you are ready to change your life; maybe even to save your life or the lives of those around you!

Jeff Jeffries