Can we trust the universe?

There is no doubt that more and more people these days are telling us how they are prepared to leave the universe to sort out at least some matters that affect their lives. It’s not clear how far anyone really means that as an active strategy or if they are simply saying “I can’t decide so I’ll just see what happens!”

Either way just look out for variations of the universe theme coming from friends, colleagues, fictional TV characters or those who are being interviewed across the media. The ‘universe’ is big business – whichever way you look at it!

Creative people seem particularly likely to see the universe as having an influence on their lives – in my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ I wrote about how singer-songwriter Nancy Griffith had said that she did not believe she invented songs personally but that they were ‘blowing in the wind’, waiting to be captured; she held that the gift of the writer was to ‘reach out and grab them’.

I was reminded of that the other day when I read Amanda McBroom’s account of how she came to write her song ‘The Rose’ which became a huge success after it was used as the title-song for the film of that name.

According to her website the song began as she was driving along listening to “Magdelana” by Danny O’Keefe being sung by Leo Sayer. That song included the line “Your love is like a razor. My heart is just a scar.” Much as she admired the lyric she says ‘the thought came, I don’t agree with the sentiment. I don’t think love is like a razor’. This immediately prompted another ‘thought’ asking herself what love is – if not a razor?

I cannot do better justice to Amanda or to the power of the universe than to quote from her website where she says ‘suddenly, it was as if someone had opened a window in the top of my head. Words came pouring in. I had to keep reciting them to myself as I drove faster and faster towards home so I wouldn’t forget them’.

She arrived home and rushed to the piano – within ten minutes her classic song: ‘The Rose’ was complete. From my perspective Amanda’s story raises so much that is at the heart of interactive Intelligent Energies – or to put it another way, is at the heart of ‘working with the universe’.

One obvious issue is where is the proof that the ‘universe’ had any influence at all in the process she describes – even if the events were exactly as Amanda records them?  The answer is that it is the same evidence that I set out in my book which proves the existence of the physical interactive and ‘intelligent’ energies that are active in healing and dowsing – and which, by implication at least, are equally available to influence any and every aspect of life and the universe.

Once we know that these interactive energies are there it is simply a matter of looking for their influence – the only reason to doubt that they are acting with us is if you do not believe they do exist. Once we accept that they are indeed out there – as real and no less likely than gravity, the question becomes the one I have asked myself and others many times: what were these interactive energies doing after they formed with the ‘Big Bang’ and what are they still doing?

The answer is the same – the interactive energies are still interacting on a universal scale as they always have; interacting with every other energy field including our own, personal mind, body and spiritual energies.

So to the bigger topic – can we indeed trust the enormous interactive energy field that is the universe? The short answer to that has to be: ‘yes we can’!
There is however a slightly longer answer from my perspective which is that we have to make ourselves a part of the process by which the universe – or, as I prefer, Intelligent Energies – can guide us.  We have to recognise the opportunities that come our way and act on them; we must consciously seek out and connect to guidance whether through meditation, prayer, dowsing, visualisation or any other technique which suits us.

Trusting the universe is not an excuse to do nothing until everything lands on a plate for us. Nor does it mean we will receive everything we want – though we could hope to receive everything we need. Our best interests are not necessarily served by our favourite desires.

Working with the universe is not an easy, or even a certain, process; we have to be doing the right things in the right way at the right time. I cannot tell you why it is not more straightforward but I am pretty sure that it depends on the links we make and our willingness to co-operate with the universe and to learn to trust it. It is important to strengthen our practical connections to those Intelligent Energies – they are often fragile links that can easily destroyed by our own conscious preferences and often difficult to interpret.

In some ways the example I began with – the story of ‘The Rose’ and Amanda Mc Broom – probably makes it seem too easy; I cannot know what lined up on that occasion to make Amanda’s connections as direct and fruitful as they seem. All I can say is that energies as powerful as those do exist as an essential element of the universe and the more we tune in the more we will recognise and benefit from the help and the guidance they offer.


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