Doctor in the Dark?


News reports of warnings that heavy duty painkillers taken over a long period can cause heart attacks reminded me how troubling it is to read about side effects of drugs every time you open the pack.

Personally I have an uneasy relationship with pharmaceuticals. I am fortunate to enjoy pretty good health; this is possibly to do with being wired up to be a healer although I heal others better than I can consciously heal myself – with one exception which I will come to later. Nonetheless the years take their toll and the doctor likes to see me from time to time; this also has taken me to the chemist of course – with whom I have a very good relationship!

It was the chemist who told me that in order for drugs to be made available they only need to show themselves in trials to be effective no more than 35% of the time. In other words drugs on the market are expected to be no use to two thirds of the patients who have been prescribed them. This is no better than some placebo trials – an observation regularly made when it suits science to cast doubt on the efficacy of complementary therapies; “no better than placebo” in complementary remedies is scientific code for ‘it means nothing and cannot be trusted’ – unless it’s a pharmaceutical in which case it should go straight to the market!

As a result although my first port of call is the doctor – and I do not recommend anyone to do otherwise – I go there ready to take responsibility for my own health and to pick my own way through the options. As a result I have involved myself with healing, acupuncture, Feng Shui, Indian Head Massage, reflexology, homeopathy, Chinese Herbs, hypnotherapy, ‘tapping’ technique, acupressure, chiropractic – and some of my own stuff. All of them have proved as worthwhile as orthodox treatments. We should be willing to explore such options for ourselves – though we must tell the GP what we are doing.

One interesting angle to this is that my blood pressure went sky-high a couple of weeks ago; I had been off-colour (lovely energy-based phrase!) for a few weeks before that but it eventually left me no choice, something had to be done! The day before my appointment however it ‘occurred to me’ that just possibly Wifi was back in the house and office  – we have another system to link computers so keep it switched off – and that maybe that was causing my problem. Sure enough it turned out that the replacement hub I had fitted a few months ago was emitting Wifi signals even though we were not using them, Within two hours of disabling it I was feeling better and although it took ten days for it to leave my body, over that time my blood pressure returned to ‘normal’ and I was back to form.

The real issue here is: had I not had the thought about Wifi and acted on it no orthodox diagnosis or treatment would have been possible and the consequences could have been disastrous – as they must actually be for so many who have to trust entirely a system that has insufficient understanding of how our bodies work – no knowledge of interactive energies that are responsible for the entire universe and our lives within it.

Thankfully the interactive system I call Intelligent Energies  managed to alert me to what was going on – not for the first time, as those who read my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ will recognise! Eventually I picked up the signals and took action to help myself.

As I frequently try to make plain my target is not so much the medical profession and nor do I suggest that we should medicate ourselves through any or all of the entirely valid complementary techniques. Members of the medical profession are hampered culturally and by their rules in a number of ways that make it difficult for them to cross boundaries and I sympathise with that.

However at least one of my clients did come to me as a result of advice about geopathic stress from his doctor which proves it is possible for others to tell their patients at least something about the topic and encourage them to explore solutions. If they were to add to that some caution about Wifi who knows how much the NHS could save in resources and even lives?

Unfortunately the medical profession and ‘the authorities’, in the UK especially, remain completely in the dark about cause, effect, diagnosis and treatments outside of their familiar parameters. How old-fashioned will this look in, perhaps, 30 years’ time and how many of us will continue to suffer in the meantime?





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