Feng Shui Does Matter!

I pride myself on offering the best service I can as a healer and also as an energy worker who dowses and clears geopathic stress remotely all over the world. Clearing geopathic stress is the main focus of my work through the website and because I am so committed to that I handle everything personally and always invite potential and past clients to ask questions and to keep in touch.

This helps me as much as it helps clients and has introduced me to people I now think of as friends, giving me closer insights into other energy work which is either entirely new or is opening up opportunities to learn more about.

One good example is Feng Shui. I have long known of it and even had a Feng Shui practitioner visit our previous home at a time when I was just beginning to lose my initial scepticism about all things to do with energy. As I explain in my book ’It’s a Whole New World!’ I did spend many years accepting what I thought was a common sense view of the universe – the familiar view that is very much led by science.

In practice and in principle, at that time, Feng Shui seemed to make no sense, even to someone who by this time knew the reality of healing and dowsing as well as the dangers of geopathic stress. In the end I left the subject amongst others that I defined for myself as ‘acceptable but uncertain’. To have such a category at all was a big step from my personal starting point many years before when I was an entire sceptic, laced with a heavy dose of disbelief!

I was reminded of my earlier self not long ago when I was contacted about geopathic stress by Dervilla Griffin one of the world’s leading authorities on Feng Shui. We were soon sharing our knowledge, experiences and beliefs which gave me a new insight into this topic I thought I knew something about – I was to learn that, in fact, I knew very, very little!

Our conversations over the internet prompted me to take a look at Dervilla’s website which can be found under Feng Shui Matters. To see the site is an amazingly peaceful experience in itself; it is wonderfully informative and helpful and Dervilla is a joy to talk to.

As a result Dervilla gave separate remote Feng Shui readings both for my wife, Brenda, and for me – I had no idea that such a thing was possible and was intrigued to find out more about it through direct experience. We gave Dervilla no information other than our birthdates but she came back with completely accurate readings for both of us including the balance of our relationship with each other. I know the doubters will relate this to astrology and the attendant arguments about generalising observations so that they mean whatever you want them to mean. As an aside astrology is a subject I know less about than Feng Shui but as an energy worker I have no problem with the notion that energies throughout the universe affect us in all sorts of ways that have no place in science; for that to include the effects of the line-up of distant planets need not, in itself, be surprising. However, leaving astrology to one side for now, my Feng Shui experience with Dervilla proved to be something else entirely.

Dervilla’s skill in Feng Shui became evident when she first advised Brenda that her main weakness would be her heart or her eyes – without knowing that in 2012 she had an operation for a detached retina and still had two developing cataracts to be dealt with. Dervilla also made a strong point about colours to avoid.

A few months after the remote readings a second detached retina developed in my wife’s other eye and she had to have yet another eye operation. Out of interest I told Dervilla how her analysis was now even more accurate than we had thought – Dervilla instantly came back to ask if we had done anything to our bedroom and were we in contact with the colour purple.  She could not have known that we had switched bedrooms to have some wardrobes fitted and that the room we had started to use was a combination of lilac and mulberry – not a million miles from purple but definitely a million miles from a wild and lucky guess about colours on Dervilla’s part!

Do I trust and believe in Dervilla and Feng Shui – yes I definitely do! Would I recommend her abilities to anyone – yes I most definitely would! Do check out her site.

I refer to Feng Shui much more generally in my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ which overall demonstrates the reality of interactive energies I came to know and the implications for all of us to be aware that interactive ‘Intelligent Energies’ are the fundamental driving force that creates everything. Feng Shui is clearly a vital part of that powerful force we can all use in all sorts of ways to improve our lives!

My experiences thanks to Dervilla also reminded me not to underestimate just how powerful and influential interactive energies can be. I have often been known to ask the question ‘what gives scientists the right to put their own limits on the power of the universe?  Clearly, it is not only scientists who have no right to limit the power of the universe – those of us with knowledge and experience of particular ways to interact with energies  must be sure to keep an open mind about those who have other energy connections  with which we may not be directly familiar.

Find Dervilla on http://www.fengshuimatters.ie


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