Geopathic Stress – the science and the art.

I recently came across a DVD of an amazing programme that gave an encouraging level of
independent scientific backing for a topic that I have been pursuing for 20 years! During
most of that time it seemed I was a lone voice calling for recognition of the adverse energy of
geopathic stress and also for the work of dowsers who are able to identify its presence thanks
to Intelligent Energies.

As a healer and dowser myself I have gone one stage further to develop my own unique and
inexpensive means to neutralise the stress and to replace its damaging negative energies with
good positive energies, at any location anywhere in the world.

My book ‘It’s a whole New world!’ and my website tell my story but the documentary made
by MACHTEN TV provides a convincing background that I can highly recommend. In my
opinion the most telling section concerns cows (39 minutes in) which resolutely refuse to use
just one stall in a barn that they clearly know is not a good place to be!

2 Responses to “Geopathic Stress – the science and the art.”

  1. Andrea Simm on

    WOW, what a wonderfully documented piece of information on Geopathic Stress.
    I loved it, it covers all areas of importance. I am a Intuitive and Forensic Healer I have dowsed our home and changed our sons sleeping positions in their rooms as one son kept wanting to sleep in our lounge room and was feeling quite lerthargic. I had cleared our house and the boys on all levels which helped but didn;t solve the problem. So I started searching and went to a couple of workshops with Alanna Moore from Australia on Dowsing for Geopathic Stress etc.I have learnt so much by reading many of Alannas books. I truly have the passion to help bring Geopathic Stress to peoples attention.I now use map dowsing as part of my Healings and go out on site and find the geopathic stress lines to make sure people arent sleeping on them, I use my rods for this. I feel it is such a positive thing to be able to help people and bring this to their attention and then they share it by passing it on.Very empowering. Thank-you Jeff for sharing this knowledge. Take Care, Andrea Simm 🙂

  2. dermot henry on

    seen this on youtube very interesting least there is some scientific evidence to back up dowsing and geo stress.some people like myself a dowser are able to pick up on these energies with ease.keep up the good work and together we will convince the science community about dowsing and the general public.


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