Hay Fever and Healing Energies

Healing-Energy Cards and Hay Fever Symptoms

“…….I had already been led towards another healing-energy card; this one was for my wife
who had begun to develop hay fever about four years previously. Although this had been a relatively mild irritation at first, it was becoming much more troublesome and was threatening to ruin a holiday we were having at the time in Cornwall. I went through my customary process of trying to work with Intelligent Energies to channel the right wavelength of healing energy into a new patch for her; quite quickly I came up with one which, according to the signals I was receiving, would be able to boost her energies and perhaps help relieve the symptoms of her uncomfortable problem.

My wife put it over her heart centre since fixing it to her eyes and nose, where the problem was manifesting itself, was clearly out of the question! She never feels sensations while healing-energy patches are in place, no feelings of warmth or anything, so we left it there and later set off from the holiday cottage to drive about twenty miles to St Ives.

About two hours after she had started to wear the patch, and about half an hour into the drive out, my wife suddenly announced that all the sensations of hay fever had pretty much disappeared. Cautious as ever we both realised that the relief might be to do with the fact that we had moved out of the area of the cottage and possibly away from the source of her discomfort and so we suspended judgement for a while. I was pretty hopeful that moving away from the cottage was not the reason for her relief since the hay fever had been proving a growing problem for some time no matter where we were; thankfully, when we returned there was no recurrence of the symptoms and she stayed free of them from then on.

My wife now is usually fine when she wears that blue card – which is most of the time when she might be susceptible…..”

Based on Extracts from β€˜It’s a Whole New World!’ by Jeff Jeffries

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