Intelligent Energies Know Best!

Although I have worked as a healer and dowser for more than 20 years I only made it my main focus from this summer – 2012. When I set up my website, began my business and completed my book I knew what I wanted to achieve and even had a plan to take it all forward.

In practice things went generally as I had planned – only much, much more slowly. Something I learned a long time ago was that Intelligent Energies help get the timings right; things move swiftly and positively or get inexplicably delayed but within either of those parameters you get progress only when you as the instigator or your intended target has got everything ready. When the door opens you can go through – when it does not there is nothing you can do to change it. Blow the door off its hinges if you like – there will just be another one barring your way!

Handling that is a problem of course – you cannot sit around doing nothing and expect success to come by itself – you still have to keep at it until you get the progress you need! Sometimes, with hindsight, I was able to see why I wasn’t making the progress I had wanted – usually what I had done needed to be improved or there was a better opportunity or an extra piece waiting round the next corner; other times I never spotted why I had needed to wait.

What I did notice was that despite having so much experience of my subject(s) and having been in management for many years, opening up the market worldwide through the internet took me into unfamiliar territory – I had to learn to be the head of this particular operation before I could make it work properly. Only now that I have gone through that stage can I represent what I know to a wider audience; the newsletters, the blogs, dealing with clients worldwide and becoming ever more familiar with the new tools of my new trade have all contributed – so much so that I also realised, as I was working on the marketing for my book, that there are still a few more pieces to put in place if I am to succeed in all I intend to do.

Originally I had thought the book, the website, clearing geopathic stress, newsletters, blogs, marketing and publicity as well as developing my new healing-energy cards would all come together pretty much at the same time. As it has turned out geopathic stress has taken off and the healing- energy cards have completely taken a back seat; the website continues to grow, to change and to gain all the time; only now – six months later – am I ready to start pushing the book out!

Not quite what I intended but not for the first time I am very happy that Intelligent Energies know best. Clearing geopathic stress has kept me busy, widened my own horizons and is benefitting my clients even more than I could have envisaged I am also getting good feedback from satisfied clients and a surprising number of follow-up orders from others in their circle as word gets passed on.

One client from Berkshire was kind enough to put his entire experience in writing; I am grateful for his graphic account and for his kind permission to use it as I thought best. This is what he had to say:

I’m writing this 2-3 weeks after having Geopathic stress clearance implemented, I thought this would allow time for what had happened to ‘sink in’ and to ensure any changes I felt were not short lived.

I suspect geopathic stress might have been affecting me for many years but I only knew it as ‘something not being right’ about how I felt when living at my flat, but later as I spent more and more time at another property and the health problems I had seemed to follow me around I came to the conclusion that the problem was more with me than where I happened to be living and I began to look for other explanations. However some time later I became more and more convinced that there was some sort of issue with my flat so I decided to try my hand at dowsing to find some clues and it soon became clear that the properties I was spending my time between were BOTH suffering from Geopathic stress and that it was one of the main issues affecting my health.

Jeff confirmed what I’d found through Dowsing and informed me that both properties were suffering from Geopathic stress at fairly significant levels and he subsequently cleared them. He was also able to tell that I was personally highly affected by it and said the effects would wear off within a week or so.

I had previously suffered from regular headaches and pain in the bone above the eyes as well as pain and high pressure in the eyes themselves and issues with my sight, also more recently as I suspect I’d become more sensitive to Geopathic stress I started noticing a regularity in feeling very negative, anxious and apprehensive last thing at night (for no good reason) and would often suffer from sleep problems and wake feeling tired and lacking in motivation.

Since the clearance I’ve noticed big improvements in my health, the issues with my eyes seem at the moment to have pretty much disappeared and I’ve not suffered headaches in a few weeks. I can’t say I’ve ‘noticed’ much difference in the properties themselves but how I feel when I’m in them has changed considerably.

The absence of Geopathic stress was most obvious when settling down in bed the first night after it was cleared and noticing how I felt somehow lighter – like some kind of all-enveloping weight had been lifted and the tightness and tension in my chest had gone. I also observed that it felt like an engine that had been idling within me and around me for as long as I could remember had finally been switched off, looking back I’d have described it as a barely noticeable vibration of the ear drum that seemed to transmit through the body – it wasn’t something I’d ever really acknowledged until suddenly it was gone and the contrast was dramatic.

It might seem a strange concept but the most noticeable change since the Geopathic stress was cleared is the silence just sounds so much more silent to me now.

Whether you believe in the method Jeff uses or not I can tell you ‘hand on heart’ that it works, it might seem impossible – but it works!

Berkshire Client


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