Proud…and Prejudiced?

Proud and Prejudiced?

Although my involvement with geopathic stress goes back over twenty years it is only over the last two years that I have truly begun to establish myself as a recognisably significant player in what I now do in a unique way to neutralise it and also to spread the word as much as I can.

Business has trebled since June two years ago when I opened; orders to clear geopathic stress are coming in all the time and many clients not only recommend me to others but ‘put their money where their mouth is’ and actually order more clearances on behalf of their family and friends. I take great satisfaction and encouragement from that – so thank you!

In that time awareness of geopathic stress has certainly been raised across the world; the vast majority of clients find me by Googling ‘geopathic stress’ which in itself means they have to know of it in order to get that far and to reach me. Often we discuss the issues surrounding the topic either by email or over the phone; this can lead into an after sales involvement that I never anticipated when I began and even develops into relationships that are much more friend than client.

It’s also a way for me to learn more from others as well as giving me the opportunity to pass on things that two years ago – or in some cases two weeks ago – I might not have come across myself! It is form of networking, ‘word of mouth’ as a means of sharing information and a key means by which clients help my progress and also help me get the word round.  I am grateful to all who do that with me.

Of course we are not solely responsible for the increasing worldwide awareness of geopathic stress  and it has to be said that, even now, the percentage of people who know anything of the existence of geopathic stress and the damage it can cause is still tiny. Still I have seen it grow hugely in my time and I remain committed to doing what I can to help more people understand what is going on.

Everyone has a free choice whether or not they check their property for geopathic stress – and an equally free choice about whether and how they decide to act on it; but until they do become aware they have no choice at all, they have to suffer the consequences without ever realising.

This lack of awareness is the biggest downside to the topic but is not just a problem for the individuals who are directly affected; it is also a problem on a wider scale – the medical profession as a whole has virtually no knowledge and cannot consider it either in respect of getting it removed (as part of treatments for conditions) or as factor of ill-health that they can discuss with their patients!

Unfortunately geopathic stress is not the only worry – there are other adverse energies about, probably including many that we cannot yet put a name to never mind satisfactorily deal with. In my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’  I mention negative energies that get attached to objects – papers, photographs, letters, clothing, jewellery and so on.

Such items – and indeed the whole house – can pass on negativity that is being stored. The results can be felt by people whose body energies become compromised, which in turn affects their health and wellbeing. As with geopathic stress I can clear those energies – particularly if we can identify the particular object or objects concerned.

There are other negativities including those present on sites where traumas have taken place – including battle sites or hunting grounds dating back centuries. Sometimes the trauma energy can be carried by underground watercourses to locations miles from the initial area – people who live over that watercourse and are sensitive can then be affected by the negativity.

It is almost certain in my mind that intrusions from magnetic fields – including Wifi in the home as well as computers and similar devices – will one day be recognised as potentially harmful, in the way that asbestos eventually was. Although there is much talk of such issues on the internet, it is not taken seriously by enough of those in a position to look for changes or solutions. Too much pride in their perceived expertise and too much prejudice to listen to those of us with a different message is costing the rest of us dearly.

How many patients in hospital beds (or in their own homes or in care homes) are at this minute having their health and their treatments compromised by failure to recognise when they are being affected by invasive adverse energies? When will things change on a grand scale?

For me the main hope begins with a greater understanding of geopathic stress. It is a topic that has much research behind it already; something can already be done to deal with the negative energy and there is nobody making money from bringing it into our homes who might have a vested interest in denying its existence.

Add to that the fact that the way in which it does cause health issues is easy enough to understand means we have the prospect of a breakthrough into the whole world of negative energies – for all those not too proud and prejudiced!

Please pass this to anyone who might benefit or be interested.

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