Rules of the universe that science left behind

More people are now alert to geopathic stress even though it doesn’t readily fit the scientific model – it only happens when energies go wrong! However energies can be used in order to correct this ‘stress’ as well.

The evidence for correcting geopathic stress is found directly in the experiences of those who first contact me for help and then again to tell me about their gains in health and wellbeing after I have cleared it for them.

Not only do they ‘feel’ better but so many tell me how the house itself also feels ‘brighter’ or ‘lighter’. One had a visitor ask if the furniture had been moved because the room seemed bigger – another said their glassware looked brighter. What this shows is not that geopathic stress creates dullness or reduces space but that we rely on our body energy systems as well as our normal physical senses in order to be aware of what we experience. Glass seems brighter when our body energy is working better; so does life!

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