Second Hand Energies?

The New Year coincided with an announcement about a medical breakthrough in the form of the UK’s first transplant of a human hand. No doubt there will be mixed reactions to that news – on the one hand (so to speak!) an amazing surgical enterprise with life-changing implications for the recipient but also uneasy feelings about someone now living his life and using a hand which was  otherwise that of a dead person.

Although similar issues can be raised about transplanted organs which have now become commonplace, somehow the idea of a transplanted ‘working’ hand that is out there in public rather than organs hidden and undetectable inside the body has a different ’feel ‘(there I go again!). You can’t help seeing the connotations with horror films can you.

Although I am not entirely sure I would like to shake hands with the new owner I don’t have a particular view of the medical venture, any of the decisions that were taken or the ethical issues that can be raised. As a pragmatist I am happy to leave it to those directly involved but immediately I heard the news I wondered how the whole business fits with the interactive body energies that, along with Intelligent Energies, are at the heart of life, healing and so many other aspects of living.

My book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ describes my experiences with body energies – how they interact with other energies, including a universal energy and even how our energies could survive death. Afterlife becomes theoretically practical because our interactive energies are not dependent on the same sources that are required for our physical survival. Our energies can manage perfectly well without food, water, oxygen, sleep, or any input from our usual organs and body mechanisms etc.

Yet, as I show, our energy systems also have awareness – that is they are intelligent and interactive; a combination that would allow everything we have ever been in our physical lives to ‘live on’ in some dimension after our death.  For our personal energies to continue perpetually  would of course explain the beliefs in some form of afterlife – but what does that mean for those organs (and  now limbs) that get transplanted from their original host body into a completely different one? What does that mean for the ‘afterlife’ of an energy system that has been surgically separated?

I think the answer to that lies in the nature of energies – and in their being in the plural. When I coined the expression ‘Intelligent Energies’ rather than ‘Intelligent Energy’ it was partly to recognise my feeling that there were different forms of energy not just one energy mass. I wanted to allow for the fact that interactive energies enable healing, dowsing, inspiration, ‘telepathy’ in different degrees and so on but are also present in those inanimate objects that my book shows can, for example, also attract negative energies. Photographs, personal jewellery and other objects can carry energy that can be accessed for information by ’psychics’ who connect their body energies to the energies in objects or possessions and can ‘read’ the information that has been passed into the object itself.

These things are explained in my book. There are three different types of active energies in our bodies: energy centres, energy flows and our energy mass – or aura. These three energies are in themselves distinct but interactive. When I first encountered healing it was defined to me as ‘bio-energy healing’; although I have tended to regard that description bio – as in ‘living’- as just another label it could be much more relevant than that. The body energies used by all healers as well as acupuncturists, reflexologists and homeopaths and others – those flows, centres and mass referred to above are the bio energies that are key to all life. They are the living, active energies that I am talking about when I say that perpetual energies could survive death intact and comprise an afterlife.

However there are other types of energy that may be capable of interaction but are not alive and aware – I would say they were non-bio if that didn’t refer to washing powder! Those passive energies are able to interact with living energies which is how geopathic stress is able to affect us and how objects of any sort can collect and pass on different vibes that they are able to carry. In my book I talk about instances where I clear bad energy from objects and help clients who are being adversely affected by one or more of the items around them.

For objects to interact with energies without themselves having ‘bio-energy’ could also explain how the Intelligent Energies of the universe are able to influence not only life but every aspect of the structured, balanced and hugely sophisticated universe they have been developing since the Big Bang.

What all this would mean for transplants would be that, on death, we leave behind our passive (ie ‘non-bio’ energy) not only in our bones but from our soft tissue and take our spirit (that is our bio-energy) on to an afterlife.

The passive energy that has remained in the transplanted limb (or organ) would connect with all the body energy systems of the new host.  Life then goes on – sometimes in surprising ways that I will talk about next time.

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