Three Brains or One?

As I have been known to mention more than once I do spend a lot of time connecting observations from different sources that unintentionally illustrate the world of Intelligent Energies; when you look for it, this happens all the time!

Latest example came this week in a trailer for the television programme ‘Naked and Marooned’ in which adventurer Ed Stafford is left to fend for himself for two months, using only his survival skills. During an interview he mentioned that he had been greatly helped by some Aborigines whom he had met before he started his venture.

What that taught him was that when they go on the traditional ’walkabout’ in the unforgiving outback, Aborigines know that relying on what we would see as our conscious brain is going to cause them real problems in coping with the difficulties and the isolation they face. They turn to their culture which recognises that we actually have three brains: one in the stomach area, one in the heart area and of course the one we have in the head. They know it is vital to ensure balance by sharing their experiences between these different centres. This greater awareness of human physiology helps them deal with the extremes of walkabout; a technique they passed on to Ed Stafford.

Odds are the average westerner would see that as nonsense; so possibly did Ed at the time he first heard it, but in talking about the programme in the interview he admitted that their advice had helped him when he needed it – apparently more than once. What the advice amounted to in practice was that when the ‘normal’ brain is overloaded by overreliance on ‘thoughts’, sitting in a circle of stones restores the balance. Ed Stafford used the technique for himself and, as he said, whatever your spiritual beliefs it worked and he recommends it.

In a far different context, last summer TV scientist Michael Mosley did an experiment on himself that demonstrated that we do have a ‘brain’ in our gut; by swallowing a miniature camera he was able to trace how the work of the stomach in digesting food was aided by neurons – ‘as many as there are in a cat’s head!’

The arrangement of neurons does not carry out conscious thought processes but they do mean that the stomach is better able to do its job in an astonishingly sophisticated way as it digests food and utilises essential vitamins – at the same time as  maintaining a contact with the ‘real’ brain. An extra dimension to this is that our brain and stomach are also linked through emotions as when our heads and our stomachs react to fear or stress.

Science does not recognise any of that as involving interactive energies of course – scientists are happy enough with the nervous system as the principal operator simply on the basis that they know about neurons and attribute all that they see to the power of the nervous sytem alone. However taking the wider view that Aborigines knew of extra ‘brains in their culture, that sitting in a stone circle has the effect of re-balancing us we have the beginnings of an argument that there is much more going on than the effects of neurons. Certainly Aborigines are not thinking of digestion alone when they were referring to the presence of extra brains and able to prove their practical knowledge to Ed Stafford.

From another perspective you may recall my previous blog covered the transfer of amazingly complicated information via transplanted organs; these events led to recipients of organs taking on characteristics and even factual knowledge of their donors and their lives. There is a theory that this information is received though sensors in the stomach or heart areas; the two ‘brain centres’ identified by science and Ed Stafford’s Aborigines.

So how do interactive energies show themselves in all this? First they certainly exist as I show from my work and in my book. Second I have a personal connection with a ‘gut brain’ in that one way I am made aware of information I need in my work is that when I make contact with Intelligent Energies I can get a sensation of my stomach ‘turning over’ – similar to that we experience on a steep fairground ride, though not so extreme; something is clearly going on there.Third as a healer I find that whenever I work on with a client there are virtually always healing reactions (mostly warmth) in the chest and shoulder area and also the stomach area – this is regardless of what I am treating or where in my clients’ bodies their problems are making themselves known; this shows major energy centres and energy flows are present at those points.

Scientists will not find that convincing because they do not accept the existence of these energies at all and my experiences and their implications over twenty years are not going to change that. Sadly unless science does take such experiences, knowledge and awareness on board from those such as I, their model will remain incomplete – only people such as I gather the necessary material to help them see things better.

The impasse still means that those unintentional references I mentioned at the beginning of this blog will continue to crop up to interest those of us who are aware and help build a bigger and better picture of an interactive universe in which we are all supported by Intelligent Energies.






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