Waking up to the Answer!

One of my close clients recently showed me a DVD of an Irish TV programme about geopathic stress titled ‘Sleeping with the Enemy!’  My website carries information about geopathic stress in some detail but for those not yet ‘in the know’, broadly it occurs when the earth’s magnetic fields are distorted by underground features and become incompatible with our own body energies. As a result our bodies work less well and our health can suffer.

The programme was fascinating in its detail including the case-studies showing the practical impact of living – and especially ‘sleeping’ – with this incompatible energy. For once I was able to watch a TV programme that gave an encouraging level of independent scientific backing, both for the existence of the adverse energy and also for the work of dowser Brendan Murphy in finding the direction and location of the stress lines.

There was evidence for cancer clusters and other examples of ill-health that could be linked to the effects of geopathic stress and other intrusive fields. One different but very telling effect of geopathic stress filmed with time-lapse cameras, is impossible to ignore. The images were of cows using a cowshed and shown entering and leaving their quarters over three and a half days, during which they used every stall in the barn except one that Brendan had shown to be affected by geopathic stress! The film showed the cows coming and going over the whole period and going into every open stall but resolutely ignoring the one that had been identified as a problem location; the cows refused to sleep over the one spot they obviously knew would not suit them.

To illustrate the features of geopathic stress from the opposite perspective two grand houses that had been designed by the same architect were shown and both Brendan (through dowsing) and a scientist using his own device, were both able to confirm that geopathic stress lines  were evidently leading towards the house but mysteriously faded away before they reached the properties. For that to have happened for one house would be fascinating – for it to be repeated at another house built by the same architect argues that he knew about geopathic stress and its dangers and also had the means to do something about it – at least for those wealthy enough to afford housing on the grand scale!

Nowadays I am able to offer the same effect through my own method of neutralising the stress that is available to everyone – I believe it is the cheapest most effective method available.

Apparently the TV programme made a big impression in Ireland when it was first shown – and certainly I have had a number of cases from both North and South. The only disappointment is that although the programme proves the point about the existence and dangers of geopathic stress with great conviction, it was made 10 years ago and in terms of the difficulties faced by those of us who are trying to convince others about it, little has changed in that decade. Getting the facts into the public arena remains an uphill struggle. True more people are aware – virtually everyone who contacts me does so because they have been alerted to the problem of geopathic stress but it is still the case that it needs to be on everyone’s radar not least of those in medicine and science who have still not awakened themselves to the problem or to the answer.

My work, my book and my website are based on my experiences of healing, dowsing and geopathic stress – especially the huge implications of knowing for certain that each one is as valid as anything known to science. The theme of my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ is that since healing and dowsing definitely do exist and are capable of working remotely anywhere in the world there can be no doubt that interactive (and ‘Intelligent’ ) energies are a vital part of life and the universe.

Interactive energies are very much a feature of Geopathic stress which is effectively a problem of incompatible energy fields; it is about human fields having to deal with adverse natural fields. If either of these energy fields did not exist, then neither would geopathic stress.

However because energies are ‘real’ and do interact it is possible to detect and treat geopathic stress naturally to restore the distorted earth energy back to its natural harmless state. As a natural healer and dowser that is what I do; I find this method far more effective than any product that I know of – there are machines available that are intended to clear geopathic stress but they are expensive and I do not believe they are as effective as is often claimed. Even at best they seem only to neutralise the stress whereas as my method leaves properties showing positive energy rather than negative or just neutral.

I have been clearing geopathic stress successfully for some 20 years and the endorsements from satisfied clients on my website are all 100% genuine. If you are aware of anyone who should know about this please tell them or, easier still, treat them to having their home cleared by me as a gift from you for any occasion – or simply to pass on the joy of an energy-rich home. My Gift Service includes a special certificate with a personal message from the sender.



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