What is the point of ’worshipping’ sub-atomic particles? Part One

First of all, this is not an introduction to religion. I do regard myself as a spiritual person but do not personally follow any religion; I respect religions and those, like my wife, who do follow them but I am ‘wired up’ a bit differently.

The topic refers to an observation that because Intelligent Energies can connect to everything in the universe, including our innermost thoughts deeds and emotions, they can be said to ‘know’ everything in the universe. They can do that because everything has an energy of some kind – even inanimate objects – and all energies will interact with each other. Our body energies interact with our physical body which means our physical body Is therefore also connected to the universal force that is Intelligent Energies.

To define Intelligent Energies as all-knowing – omniscient – listening to us, responding to our thoughts and totally aware of all in creation is similar to most definitions of God. It raises issues about whether ‘my’ Intelligent Energies really do amount to the divine force that is worshipped as God or are they something different – some lesser version of God. Are we interacting with God or with Intelligent Energies – is there any difference; am I being ‘blasphemous ‘in raising these issues and so on. Who am I offending?

Well I certainly don’t think I am offending God and there is no need for what I have to say to be offensive to anyone. My baseline has remained constant for the twenty plus years I have been a healer and a dowser; beyond any doubt interaction between energies that ‘understand’ each other does exist. My book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ proves that simply and easily; there is a universal force with which we can all co-operate to some degree in order to achieve remarkable results. It is easy to see how thousands of years ago such a force would have been understood at the time as God.

It is also easy to see how procedures, doctrines, magical stories and more would emerge as part of humankind’s relationship with this power and would grow into its own culture – the one we know as religion.

So are there then two powers? Did a power that people call God create a lesser force to which we all have access whether or not we recognise it. I don’t personally think so. I don’t really believe there are two, immense similar powers  – God and an interactive field – though there might be; I don’t know for sure and I leave it to the philosophers and the theologians to address that particular question.

For me the answer is academic – I work with what I call Intelligent Energies in the way I describe and the way I encourage others to try for themselves. The important practical issue is that we should all find our own way to work with the cosmic force in whatever way suits us best and in whichever belief system works best for us. I work spiritually with Intelligent Energies to heal and to help, trying to gain all the support and advice I can from the connections I make through any of the techniques I try.

For any scientists out there – and anyone else interested – you might like to relate this piece to my
last blog inspired by the announcement about the Higgs Boson!

Part Two next time

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