What is the point of ’worshipping’ sub-atomic particles? Part Two

This blog topic refers to an earlier observation that Intelligent Energies cross the universe – as easily as gravity and radio waves. Throughout the universe everything has an energy of some kind – even inanimate objects; energy which it is not difficult to consider as subatomic particles. Each of us has our own version of energies – body energies that interact with our physical body; but our own energies are at the same time also connected with the universal energies. This means our physical body and minds – including our innermost thoughts, deeds and emotions – are able to connect and interact with everything in the universe.

Another way to look at this is that through these interactions literally everything is ‘known’ to and is a part of the forces that are universal Intelligent Energies. It also means that we are in the loop to communicate – consciously and subconsciously – with those universal energies. This is strikingly similar to the relationship that religious followers have with the God that is represented in different religions.

Church worship through any religion is one, perfectly valid, way to interact. The model of religious services, the words, prayers, stories, themes and above all the power of a group – as opposed to individuals working alone – is a telling one.The repetition, structure and familiarity of religious worship creates its own bond evolving over the millennia to strengthen and improve at least some elements of contact with the universal forces. I leave it to theologians and others to work out whether what I call Intelligent Energies is a Divine God, or a ‘lower’ power created by God – or is just another natural, if unfamiliar aspect of the known universe.

This brings us back to the question at the start of the blog: What would be the point of ‘worshipping’ subatomic particles? Well, first of all I see Intelligent Energies as another aspect of the knowledge that science is gaining from the study of particle physics; I (and many others involved with healing and similar gifts) believe the energies we use behave much as some particles behave.  If Intelligent Energies and perhaps even the higher God recognised in religions are made of ‘something’ rather than nothing, then terms like ‘energy’ or subatomic particles  work as well for present times as a Divine God did for earlier civilisations.

To raise the idea of subatomic particles as a possible ‘scientific ‘ way to account for  ‘God’ should not be seen as awkward in any sense – though we do have to move beyond the notion that God is only a matter of faith, a being that is otherwise without substance and permanently unfathomable. If we are prepared to consider that God must – or even could – be tangible, then subatomic particles make a sensible modern interpretation. It is an interpretation that does nothing to diminish our relationship with a major force in our lives; Divinity or ‘natural’ particles that are within us and amongst us may only be a matter of interpretation.

Defining God in ways that science might understand does not stop anyone from appreciating religious worship or belief. The scientists’ job is to give us the ‘nuts and bolts’ of everything they can but their detailed insights don’t change the bigger picture.  We know that music is a matter of mathematics, vibrations and waves of different lengths. There are explanations within physics for how chords work and why we hear some aspects as melodic and others as harsh and unappealing.

Real appreciation of music however is about moving beyond the science and recognising its beauty and emotion. We appreciate many different styles: Indie, Rock and Roll, Folk, Brass Bands, Classical, Orchestral, Opera and so on. To some extent we build our lives around our musical tastes and pleasures, all of which influence us in many ways – contributing to our moods our health and even our productivity. Certainly some of that can be defined by physics alone but that then misses the point of music in the same way that subatomic particles do not give us the real worth of Intelligent Energies – or the presence of ‘God’.

If Intelligent Energies do consist of some arrangement of subatomic particles and ‘worship’ is indeed one perfectly valid and successful way to connect to this immense force through organised religion then that would be exactly the point of worshipping the particles if we choose to do so. The whole definition of these energies is that they are intelligent and can communicate with us deep into our soul! If religion is your way – go to it; otherwise there are many other spiritual and practical paths that you can find.



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