Who sets the limits on the powers of the Universe?

My last two blogs have concerned the theme of setting limits on the powers of the universe. It is a theme, whether spoken or unspoken, of much of my work through my blogs, website and my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ For years I was aiming the question at science not only because this is the field that mostly does set its own limits on the powers of the universe but also because, particularly in the western world, science is so influential. Generally, it leads our culture in so many ways: setting the standards, advancing most of our knowledge and is usually regarded as the benchmark for what is widely accepted as conventional.

This is a powerful backdrop, meaning that the scientific approach is hugely influential way beyond the scientific community. As an illustration Government, Academia, Industry the NHS and the media do not predicate their roles on any general acceptance of matters such as remote healing and complementary therapies – nor on dowsing, the influence of angels, hugging trees or recognising the powers of anyone regarded as ‘psychic’.

Even as I wrote that short, illustrative list above I could sense readers choosing which they too would comfortably accept into their belief system. I suspect few would be ready to endorse all of them – and there are of course many more that could be added to the list.
‘Logic’ and ‘common sense’ (as defined by scientific authority) convinces people that such ideas have no place other than as outdated beliefs from past centuries. This in itself is amusing insofar as the mainstream scientific model has its roots in the work of Newton from 300 years ago and Darwen from 150 years ago.

Not all scientists are opposed to possibilities outside the standard model – and those studying quantum physics are (perhaps uncomfortably) getting very close to having to take those of us with different knowledge, more seriously.

As I admitted previously I too remember setting my own limits on what I was prepared to accept; I now find I am being led more deeply into new territory which is making me realise how short-sighted I had been previously and how much more welcoming I ought to become. This new approach really reached out to me last May when I gained a better understanding of Feng Shui but in the few months before and since I realise there had been other possible new ‘introductions’ to which I should have paid more attention; as I recall

three different clients told me they had found me when guided to me by angels
a friend introduced me to a therapy entirely new to me – the Bowen technique – which is amazing
articles on dowsing that had previously left me cold but after re-reading them now also amaze me
I have found other energy issues that affect individual properties in addition to geopathic stress
I have opened up to features that affect land and the planet (as well as properties)
a client who referred me to radiothesics which resonates closely with the underlying concept of interactive energies
I found BodyTalk – another amazing therapy new to me

In a similar experience to my ‘proper’ introduction to Feng Shui which I talked about last month one of the dowsing articles I re-visited had a different effect on me when I saw it again. At first glance it is easy to see why anyone might have problems with it; it concerns a dowser leading a workshop on electro-magnetic fields during which the he used his dowsing rods to establish ‘contact’ with the outputs from a particular mast see if the fields would co-operate in the matter of the ill-effects they were having on people close by (yes really!). Using yes/no responses to his dowsing he established that the fields could not divert and still do the job they were meant to do but could avoid the actual property being used for the workshop by ‘looping’ themselves over it.

This would avoid the unpleasant side-effects of EMFs for those inside and consequently an agreement was reached with the energies for this to happen. What I missed in the article the first time round was that, having reached the agreement, all 8 people at the workshop later found they could no longer use their mobile phones. Suddenly they were out of signal until they moved away from the building to the end of the drive where they picked it up again!

As someone who remotely sends healing to people and also clears geopathic stress from properties all over the planet without leaving my office, I should not be reluctant to take seriously claims made by others – but I used to do just that. My own work and my more recent personal experiences are now moving me on.

We live in times when, especially on the internet, we should be on our guard and avoid gullibility; by the same token I now know there is much out there that defies the standard scientific model and the daily experiences of many. We should not choose to reject everything that science does not explain for those reasons alone; the scientific model is not complete – I prove that every day – so we cannot use science as our only guide.

What I have done is to recognise that having dismantled the barriers that I had believed for most of my life there are no longer any limits to what I should be prepared to explore. Instead of ‘nothing is possible until it is proven’ I should be willing to recognise that ‘anything is possible until it is disproven’; reverse the burden of proof as a client put it to me the other day!

All of these issues are significant to me and continue my development – something I thought had reached its conclusion once I had worked out how to clear geopathic stress! I now realise that my work so far and my book are stages along the way and that more – and maybe much more – will come if I allow it. I am sure in truth we are all in that position; let us all embrace it and move forward!

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