Barking up the wrong tree!

Barking up the wrong tree! When I made my recent appearance on the USA One Radio Network, one of the people mentioned to me by the host was Rupert Sheldrake – an eminent British scientist who is at odds with his more orthodox colleagues because he recognises the weakness of the scientific model. Professor Sheldrake… Read more »

Hay Fever and Healing Energies

Healing-Energy Cards and Hay Fever Symptoms “…….I had already been led towards another healing-energy card; this one was for my wife who had begun to develop hay fever about four years previously. Although this had been a relatively mild irritation at first, it was becoming much more troublesome and was threatening to ruin a holiday… Read more »

Proud…and Prejudiced?

Proud and Prejudiced? Although my involvement with geopathic stress goes back over twenty years it is only over the last two years that I have truly begun to establish myself as a recognisably significant player in what I now do in a unique way to neutralise it and also to spread the word as much… Read more »

Can we trust the universe?

There is no doubt that more and more people these days are telling us how they are prepared to leave the universe to sort out at least some matters that affect their lives. It’s not clear how far anyone really means that as an active strategy or if they are simply saying “I can’t decide… Read more »

Who sets the limits on the powers of the Universe?

My last two blogs have concerned the theme of setting limits on the powers of the universe. It is a theme, whether spoken or unspoken, of much of my work through my blogs, website and my book ‘It’s a Whole New World!’ For years I was aiming the question at science not only because this… Read more »

The ‘Delusion’ delusion

The ‘Delusion’ Delusion My last blog touched on the importance of being open to energies that work in ways we may not have personally experienced. It is easy to dismiss those matters with which we are not familiar by basing our judgements solely within comfortable boundaries of our own making. This can apply to everyone… Read more »

Feng Shui Does Matter!

I pride myself on offering the best service I can as a healer and also as an energy worker who dowses and clears geopathic stress remotely all over the world. Clearing geopathic stress is the main focus of my work through the website and because I am so committed to that I handle everything personally… Read more »

Doctor in the Dark?

  News reports of warnings that heavy duty painkillers taken over a long period can cause heart attacks reminded me how troubling it is to read about side effects of drugs every time you open the pack. Personally I have an uneasy relationship with pharmaceuticals. I am fortunate to enjoy pretty good health; this is… Read more »

Geopathic Stress – the science and the art.

I recently came across a DVD of an amazing programme that gave an encouraging level of independent scientific backing for a topic that I have been pursuing for 20 years! During most of that time it seemed I was a lone voice calling for recognition of the adverse energy of geopathic stress and also for… Read more »