Newsletter 10 – April

Welcome to our latest Newsletter and a special welcome to those who have joined in since the last one. My work with geopathic stress continues to be the area in which I am most active at present with treatments being sent all over the world. Including the British Isles I have now sent treatments to… Read more »

Newsletter 9 – March

The March Newsletter is here; my New Year’s resolution remains intact – and I won’t mention that again! Thanks again to those who have joined since last time and to an amazing number of people across the world who have joined in via Facebook. It seems all the time I have been saying I intended… Read more »

Waking up to the Answer!

One of my close clients recently showed me a DVD of an Irish TV programme about geopathic stress titled ‘Sleeping with the Enemy!’  My website carries information about geopathic stress in some detail but for those not yet ‘in the know’, broadly it occurs when the earth’s magnetic fields are distorted by underground features and… Read more »

Newsletter 8 – February

So, for now at least, my New Year’s resolution is still intact and the February Newsletter is out on time – though not without incident! My super hub modem blew up to leave me with no internet connection to my own website and emails for a few days until they got a new one to… Read more »

Three Brains or One?

As I have been known to mention more than once I do spend a lot of time connecting observations from different sources that unintentionally illustrate the world of Intelligent Energies; when you look for it, this happens all the time! Latest example came this week in a trailer for the television programme ‘Naked and Marooned’… Read more »

Rules of the universe that science left behind

More people are now alert to geopathic stress even though it doesn’t readily fit the scientific model – it only happens when energies go wrong! However energies can be used in order to correct this ‘stress’ as well. The evidence for correcting geopathic stress is found directly in the experiences of those who first contact… Read more »

Second Hand Energies Part Two

Last month’s blog about the implications that arise when parts of a donor ‘body’ are transplanted into a recipient’s body began when I challenged my own thinking about energies. My theme was that body energies are likely to be able to survive death because they have no need for our physical life support systems –… Read more »

Newsletter 7 – January 2013

Welcome to Intelligent Energies in 2013 and as always a special welcome and thank you to those who have made themselves known since the December Newsletter. I have also added a few longstanding contacts I thought were already on the newsletter list – if you are one of those that is why the newsletter has… Read more »

Second Hand Energies?

The New Year coincided with an announcement about a medical breakthrough in the form of the UK’s first transplant of a human hand. No doubt there will be mixed reactions to that news – on the one hand (so to speak!) an amazing surgical enterprise with life-changing implications for the recipient but also uneasy feelings… Read more »

Newsletter 6 – December 2013

A friend mentioned to me the other day that I had not put out a newsletter for a while – something I find myself having to apologise for again; time goes so quickly but my New Year’s resolution is to organise my time better. Just being busy is not an excuse – well it is but not… Read more »