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Newsletter 4 – Bringing in Scientists?

First, a warm welcome to those who have signed up to Intelligent Energies since my last newsletter; if you have not done so already please check out my previous blogs. My aim is to draw attention to the reality of interactive energies which support each of us as individuals as well as the entire universe…. Read more »

Newsletter 3 – Higgs Boson

News that scientists are claiming to have identified the Higgs Boson – also known as the God particle – is not only a major advance for science, it means a lot more to the rest of us than you might imagine. Put simply, the presence of a particle that is interactive within an energy field… Read more »

The Mayan Prophesy and A Whole New World!

According to ancient prophecies 2012 is (one of the years) when the world is going to end – not so! Many now interpret the Mayan forecast for 2012 as meaning the world as we know it will be transformed – hopefully turning into something better. That might actually be right – I did not realise… Read more »

The Higgs Boson: it means more to you than you think!

Scientists have all but confirmed they have identified the Higgs Boson – also known as the ‘God particle’ because it is thought to help generate mass and therefore matter within the universe; part of the definition of the boson also is that it operates as part of an interactive field (or fields) across the universe…. Read more »

Newsletter 2 – Interactive Energies

I am committed to spreading the word about those issues which are not yet readily accepted as vital aspects of the universe and our lives on this planet.  Not to know about Geopathic Stress for example is the 21st century equivalent of knowing nothing about the need for hygiene in keeping disease and infection at bay. … Read more »

Why interactive energies make all the difference!

I am constantly on the lookout for examples of how interactive energies have played – and continue to play – a key role in every aspect of the universe as well as in our daily lives. I am able to prove the existence of these energies which I began to call Intelligent Energies because –… Read more »

Newsletter 1 – Live And Celebrating

Judging by the number of times I have been asked in recent weeks (if not months!) the most important ‘News’ is that yes my book is in print and yes my website is now live; up and running and open for business! We have celebrated the launch of both ventures, which have been a long… Read more »

What we know – about the ‘Unknown’! Part Two

10 things most people don’t know about ‘healing hands’ In Part One I talked about recognising how those who have the best direct experience of something, can be expected to know more about it than those who deny it even exists. That is one good reason to look into things for yourself – with an… Read more »

What we know – about the ‘Unknown’! Part one

Who knows best? One simple truth in this world is that most of us agree that science doesn’t know everything; we see too much going on to give up on experiences that lie outside of scientific approval. A slightly deeper truth is that scientists and sceptics who do not believe in psychic gifts or complementary… Read more »